30 Creepy Things That Have Happened to Cops

Most of us have our own creepy stories to share, things that scared the life out of us but we can’t quite explain. How about cops, who have to experience danger in many different ways? Like entering abandoned buildings, patrolling bad neighbourhoods at night…

On the forums over at officer.com, the question was asked if any cops had ‘Ghost stories’ on the job that they’d like to share. The original poster, crass cop got things started…

1. The Dark Figure

Anyone have any????…”on duty” ghost stories???

Quick one..
Traffic guy at my agency was catching up to a DUI suspect, no lights/sirens.
Suspect is easily 3-4 hundred yards ahead, @0330 hours, on a very long stretch of semi-rural road, left side lit by street lights, right side dark, both cars are moving fast, @80 mph or so.

Video shows suspect vehicle lose something from its rear, turns out it was his rear bumper. After it stops tumbling, video shows a black figure dart into the roadway from the left, (lit by streetlights side), pick up or move bumper and then dart to the right side of roadway where its dark.

Video shows nothing on the right side of roadway when officer drives by area.

Officer did not see this occur at the time, but instead when he reviewed his video in the car to find out where the suspect lost his bumper at.
Yeah, he caught him.

Dark figure had no reflective type clothing on, as most joggers/dog walkers do in the area, and was definitely in the “right place at the right time”, as the officer most likely would have hit the bumper due to his speed.

Video showed nothing before or after, as far as someone on either side of road.

Officer showed me video several times but refused to “release” it….yeah, he’s kinda weird. Video is legit.

Just curious if any others have on duty stories or video.

crass cop


30 Creepy Things That Have Happened to Cops

2. The Period Ghost

I’ll try to make this short.
Last year we were at Gettysburg and were going over Little Round Top after dark. There was one person up there in period clothing but no cars or anything else around. We went on down to the area of Devils Den, this a pretty good distance, and parked. I got out of the car and all of a sudden the person we saw walked past, said nothing, crossed a small bridge walked up a path toward a small lighted building and was gone?


3. The Haunted Quarters

The reservation I work at (as are most) is a very spiritual place. There are several ghost stories from the officers here. I have not experienced one “on duty”, but i lived in government quarters here for a time and it was what I call haunted.

There would be loud banging on the front door and no one there (I opened it once just a second or two after it occured), footsteps on the floor when your downstairs, one of my sons toys was rolling around, and another was talking even though it was shut off. My son would run terrified from his room every now and then, so I had yelled at whatever it was to stop scaring a 2 year old and it stopped for a while. Becomes part of life and eventually you “live” with the events.

Plus, across the street is an old jail during Sitting Bull times and the light s will go on and off, and figures will be moving around inside. Most of the buildings out here have a history and odd things happening.

One officer stopped to check on a stranded motorist and something was scaring the two women in the car. He drew his pistol when he heard running, but never got a full glimpse of it. He got them in his car and was driving away when he saw a figure keeping up with him at about 60! He said he went to a spiritual Medecine man and he said it had nothing to do with him, but had died and was mad at one of the women.

Maybe I should try and get ghost hunters out here to try and debunk them, eh?


4. The Vanishing Car

Late at night, saw a car parked in a school parking lot. One entrance/exit. Made a U turn to enter the lot, lost sight of the car for just a few seconds. The car just disappeared in those seconds. I will never forget it. Don’t know if it was a tired mind playing tricks on me or what. Gave me the creeps though.


5. The Keyholder

Myself and a buddy on my squad responded to an alarm. The incident location was an old office type building that had been converted to doctor’s offices. There was a pharmacy attached to it. Our dispatch received a motion signal from an upstairs office. Key holder arrives on scene and we go in to secure the building. The stairs were locked behind a door that, of course, the key holder didn’t have keys too, so we took the elevator up to the second floor (not the most tactically sourd option, I know).

Elevator opens to a pitch black hallway… except for one overhead light at the end of the hall. We start checking doors, and so far all are secured. We get to the last office, and sure enough, the door is unlocked. We make entry and observe it to be an unused office. The door opend to a sizable waiting room and reception area. There were about 10 or 12 exam rooms, all cleared with no hiccups.

We exit the office and immediately, something seems off. That is when I realize the overhead light at our end of the hallway that had been on was now off, replaced by another light over by the elevators. I look at my squad mate and he is completely white. I ask him what is wrong and he says, “Weren’t all those doors we just checked closed and locked.” I tell him yay, so. Buddy says, “Well now they’re all standing open.” Sure enough, all the offices down the hallway we had just checked were now standing open. Pucker factor sinks in at this point.

So we start clearing offices and securing offices. We finish the last office, and on our way out, just before we turn the corner to get into the waiting area, the main door just slams shut. Then, our radios start going nuts with some kind of static feedback. Now I just want to get the hell out of there.

We get back in the elevator and head down to the first floor to make contact with the key holder again. However, key holder is no where to be found. I contact dispatch and request a call back number for the key holder so I can advise him of what we found. Dispatch states that the key holder was still enroute to us and was advising an eta of 5 minutes. I advise dispatch that we had already been out with the key holder. Dispatch requests I give them a call.

I call dispatch and she tells me that there is no way we were out with a key holder. She states that the alarm company had only just made contact with one. Eventually, the “real” keyholder arrives on scene and I ask her about the man that had let us in the building (the first key holder). She asked me to describe him, so I did. She states that that sounds like one of the doctors that used to lease the office on the second floor AT THE END OF THE HALL. She then states that he had committed suicide at his summer home several days ago.

I still won’t go back there.


6. The Country Club

We have an old Country Club in my response area. It can be pretty creepy at night. The head caretaker is pretty mater of fact about it being haunted. He has been there long enough and seen enough that he’s indifferent about it being haunted. He tells us that he hears voices all the time when he opens it up at about 0500 hrs. I ran after a shadowy figure myself during an alarm call. It disappered around a corner and wet grass showed our tracks very well, no other tracks were found once we cleared the corner. Other officers have shared similar stories of people dissapearing around corners with nowhere to go.


7. Lovers Leap

Got a campground that is on a bluff. Ive had several (in the area of 7-10) different groups of campers tell me that they have seen a man and woman in older clothes walk through the campground to the bluff then just disappear.

I always blew it off as bs until i was walking through the campground with an older guy who had sold us a piece of the land. He told me that the bluff used to be called lovers leap because of a couple who had jumped off of it at one point.


8. The Cemetery

I’m not too fond of our old cemetary and I go in there with every take down, alley light and high beam on at night.

A while back an officer swore he saw a large fire in the cemetary from the road adjacent to it, called out fire dept and nothing was out there.

Two officers and a security guard searched an abandoned school here (a little girl was killed there a few years prior) after getting calls of shadows in the windows by neighbors. One officer jumped like 4 feet to the side after swearing he saw a face in an old mirror on the floor.


9. Checking In

In a department I used to work for an old lady with some mental disorder lived alone on a seldom-used dirt road. She died one alone one day and we discovered the body after her brother called in a check well-being on her. After everything was taken care of and the body removed, we left. For some reason for a few days after that we would get multiple 911 hang-up calls from that house. Weird.


10. Phantom Caller

There is an abandoned house in my district that Officers would get sent to for 911 calls.

Never anyone there, not even a phone.

Once the Dispatcher who received the 911 call from that house said she could hear a woman’s voice on the other end, but it was too fuzzy and she couldn’t understand anything.



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