3 Signs You’re Reaching A Spiritual Awakening

On our spiritual journey, as with any journey, continual practice leads to demonstrable results. Sometimes, people will reach a higher level of awareness, of the world around them, and not realise it is a path to a conscious awakening.

Rather they put it down to a sense of dissatisfaction of how the ‘norm’ seems to be in modern life, without any real reason why.

There is a real shift going on in the world in how people are seeing things. The injustice in the world has become ever more pronounced and we are more aware than ever that we are slaving away our lifetimes, so poverty gaps widen and freedoms become ever fleeting.

As we become more conscious to the world around us, our inner being’s start to shift as well. We experience certain emotions and behaviours that we were unaware of before.

So how do you know that you are attaining this awareness? The following are 3 behaviours that show your are reaching a higher level of consciousness.

1) You’re Less Destructive

Anything that alters the mind is becoming more and more of a turn off for you. This includes alcohol, drugs and other short term gratifications. Gossiping really gets your back up and you want no part of it, particularly if someone tries to involve you in the conversation. Where you would have nodded along before, afraid to become the next topic of conversation, now you simply want nothing to do with it and you’re perfectly happy to let other people know as such.

You’re more aware of what you’re putting into your body. Food is not processed and you spend a little extra time looking for the source of the foods you pick up. Fast-food and take aways are a big no no, how can you know what’s in them? Is it even food?

Lastly, whiling away hours in front of the television seems like a completely pointless exercise to you. Who cares what the latest reality gimmick is, you realise how ridiculous it is to spend hours watching someone else live their lives via a screen and are far more concerned with living your own.

2) You’re More Appreciative

Taking on board some of the afore mentioned points, you are ever more grateful for the small things you have in your life, and much more aware of the suffering of others. You realise that the ultimate aim is happiness and being appreciate leads you on the path to attaining this.


This appreciation of the things you have, also leads you to be more active in helping others. Even if it’s donating a little food, or taking a little extra time out of your day to speak to someone who looks like they need it, you know that the little things can make a world of difference to someone.

The knowing of right and wrong allows you greater confidence in helping others, and growing within yourself, by focussing on those things that truly matter. You may notice that your goals and dreams have shifted in life, becoming less materialistic and more compassionate.

3) You Don’t Need To Prove Yourself

Competing with others is really just massaging the ego. It’s not for others benefit; the need to be the best is solely to prove that to yourself. You no longer need to compare yourself with others. Instead you seek ways in which you can improve to benefit others, not to do things better than them.

Co-operation rather than competition is the way forward. You realise that so much more can be achieved if people can learn to really work together, rather than against one another. You make a much more memorable impression on people when you’re not trying to be better than them. If you approach relationships with the idea of helping someone or working with them you notice that they warm to you much quicker. Being competitive never really benefitted anyone…

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