26 People Share the Creepiest Encounters They Can’t Explain


One time when I was on a 15hr drive I had to pull over at a rest stop to get some sleep. I quickly passed out and had the strangest dream of people trying to kill me at a rest stop. When I woke up from the dream there was a smiley face on the inside of my windshield. Needless to say I hauled it the second I woke up.



When I was about 8 I had one of those loft beds… One night I woke up around 3am and the top of my hand was super itchy … Scratched it and a bunch of slimy stuff scratched off and it hurt worse than anything I had ever experienced. I started screaming and crying and my mom ran into the room and flicked the lights on…

The skin on top of my hand had a serious burn and my skin had basically melted off… It was disgusting. My bed was nowhere near an outlet, and my bedroom light was in the middle of the room away from my bed (and off)…

My mom searched everything in the house but nothing was even remotely warm… Oven/stove/baseboard heaters, etc… There’s no evidence I even left my room.

I had a nice scar for a few years but it’s faded to pretty much nothing unless I get really tanned.

No idea.



26 People Share the Creepiest Encounters They Can't Explain


I was in a brand new apartment that had white carpet. This was before I moved anything in, so the apartment was completely empty.

I had to replace a light bulb, so I was standing on a stepladder, unscrewing the glass dome with a large black and yellow screwdriver when the screw driver slipped out of my hands. I felt / saw it hit my elbow, then I turned my head away so it wouldn’t hit me in the eyes…. Didn’t feel anything, so I figured it must have bounced away from my body after hitting my elbow. But I never heard it hit the floor.

So. Again, this is in a completely empty apartment, with white carpet floors, and I just dropped a black screwdriver. Except I never once heard the screwdriver hit the floor, and it just went missing.

I never did find that screwdriver.



Friends mom gave me a cactus. Years later she died and the next day it started flowering. This was the only time it flowered in 5 years.



When I was a dumb young kid, I was on the phone with a friend late at night and some guy called up and said he was with the phone company and they were doing work on my block. He described my block perfectly and said he wanted to verify my address. I probably should have said “you guys should know that already” but again, dumb young kid. I continued talking to my friend and started to regret giving this stranger any info. He called back maybe 20 minutes later and said, “Matt are you scared yet?” Never found out who that was, how they knew my name, and why they were messing with me.



I used to go for nighttime runs around my apartment in the Museum District in Houston. One night, I saw a young girl (~17years old) walking towards me on an otherwise empty street. She was wearing a purple t shirt, ripped jeans and smoking a cigarette in a very unusual way. As I passed by her, she maintained her downward, blank gaze and carried on without acknowledging me.

As I went to conclude my run, I took a path down another street (parallel to the above-mentioned) towards my apartment. I noticed a cigarette glare in the dark from a figure that was walking in my direction. As the figure approached, I noticed it was a 70 year-old woman smoking her cigarette in the same, unusual way as the 17 year-old girl. She had the same purple t shirt, the same ripped jeans and the same blank, downward gaze.



This happened in the mid 90s in Western NY but I remember it clearly. My friend and I often went hiking with his dog’s in the woods by his house. The area was a mix of woods with fields in between. One day we decided to go explore in a different direction than the usual path we took. It was just before winter so it was cool (about 50 F) and overcast. All the leaves were off the trees already.We cross a few fields and wooded areas and come to a field with a lone tree in the center.

From a distance we notice the tree looks strange. There is something on almost all the branches that doesn’t look right. We decide to have a closer look. What we found was that the things on the branches were dead woodchucks. But they weren’t just dead, they were completely skinned. No fur, no signs of fur, just lidless, muscle exposed woodchucks facing out in every direction, teeth exposed looking like some creatures out of a horror movie. Dozens of them. They all seemed fresh(there was no stink or signs of decay) but it was cool enough to slow decomposition.

With visions of some weird Texas chainsaw massacre family living nearby we decided to call it a day. As we are making our way back we are leaving the last field and entering the last stretch of woods before his house, I looked back across the field and in the center of it is an animal, slightly bigger than either of the adult German shepherds we had with us, that I could not identify. I grew up in the area and spent a LOT of time hiking, biking and camping. I consider myself to be pretty familiar with the wildlife in the area.

This thing was bigger than a coyote and its hind legs were shorter than the front and its hips were low to the ground. It had a large square head. The closest thing I can think of is a hyena which really doesn’t make much sense. I asked my friend WTF is that? He said “I don’t know but keep walking so the dogs don’t see it or we will a bloodbath on our hands.” or something to that effect. So we did, the dogs never saw it and we never could figure out what it was.

The tree and the animal were probably unrelated but the two events occurring as the same time made it a very creepy experience. Dead, skinless woodchuck tree and hyena like animal in Western NY on the same day. Here are the google earth coords of the general vicinity. 42.950711, -77.202959 The tree does not appear to be there anymore.



First incident: Laying in bed with my girlfriend bickering about something. We weren’t arguing but just kinda disagreeing about something. I can’t remember what. The lights are off and its pretty dark. Suddenly I hear all the hangers in the closet across the room violently move. I go to get up and turn the light one but girlfriend has a death grip on me. I’m like “babe I have to check this out.” She won’t let go so I pick her up and carry her to the light switch and flip it on.

The hangers are all over the ground thrown all about the room like someone came up and slapped the shit out of them. The rack is still intact. I have no idea what happened.

Second incident: Several years ago I was laying in bed with my girlfriend. We both hear this loud BANG! I can’t stress how loud it was. I thought someone was breaking into the house. I hurry up and throw some pants on and tell girlfriend to be ready to call the police if I holler.

I’m looking through out the house and I can’t find anything. Not a single thing out of place. So I go back to bed but I’m lying awake listening for any more sounds. A few more minutes go by and I’m still wide awake I shoot up and scream, “What the fuck!” I swear someone had just grabbed my foot and given it a bit of a squeeze.

The next day I went through the house trying to recreate the bang we heard. The only thing that came close was if I picked up one of our kitchen chair and forcefully threw it back down to the floor.



One night, during college, I woke at about 2:30am. I can’t explain why, but I immediately jumped out of bed and started getting dressed. I was completely dressed and just starting to wonder what I was doing when the phone rang. It was one of my best friends. She said she had tried acid at a party earlier and was on a bad trip. She was terrified of everything and had been hiding under a table for about half an hour, trying to get to the phone to call me. Somehow, I knew and was getting ready to go get her before she even called for help. I still don’t know how to explain that.



I’m not sure if this counts but it happened last week and really creeped me out.

I was friends with a girl when I was a teenager, not best friends but we went to the same school and I would go over and hang out in her house after school sometimes. She was extremely quiet in school and had no friends so her mom would often ask my mom to send me round so she would have someone to hang out with. I didn’t mind cause she was quite funny and talked a bit when it was just the two of us! Anyway we fell out of touch a long time ago and I haven’t spoken to or seen her in years – like 15 years I’d say. Last week I was at my desk in work and she just popped into my head for some reason, I was just working and I thought of her. Specifically my thought was ‘is xxx alive or dead?’. I don’t know why I thought that specifically, so I made a mental note to ask my mom next time we spoke. Then the two days later I got an email from my mom –

‘A bit of sad news. xxx died on Monday’

It creeped me right out. My logical mind tells me it’s just a weird coincidence but it really shook me when I got the email. I haven’t thought of her in so long, and it was the day she died that she pops into my head.



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