25 People Recount Their Most Memorable Paranormal Experiences


First, a little background.

My family’s house is a 100+ year old apple orchard estate. The house was abandoned and renovated in the 70’s by a couple. They grew older and the wife was told she could no longer have children. Against the diagnosis of the doctors, she conceived and the two had a daughter. When the girl was 5 years old, she fell from a tree that is in our front yard. She died on the spot. The husband, became severly depressed and locked himself in the study. The study is now my younger brother’s bedroom. This room went virtually unchanged when we got possession of the house. The husband was so depressed, that he hung himself from a large, old tree that is in the backyard. It is dead smack in the center of the yard. The wife moved out and sold the house, after 20 or so years, to my dad in 1998. Since then, it has undergone a full renovation with additions, but the study has remained the same (My dad likes it for the wood paneling walls with built in shelves. It looks very rustic). The two trees involved, the little girl’s climbing tree and the hanging tree, remain where they are. The tree where the girl died is thriving and beautiful, but the father’s tree is dead, and ready to be cut down. Thing is, when the couple lived there, the trees were placed under law to never be cut down, so my father has no choice but to leave them standing. He says that he is afraid to cut them down anyways. He wants to remove the back one, because it is a creepy eyesore straight from The Conjuring, but he is legitimately terrified that it will subsequently kill the beautiful tree in the front of the house.

Here is where things get interesting. I first would like to start off saying that I know for a fact that I close more doors than I open. I have many siblings, but the door that opens most frequently is the one to my older brother’s room, the prior master bedroom when the couple owned it, which is the only room that view’s the suicide tree. My brother lives in Boston, so he is never home. The room is never touched and the door remains closed…until about 3:00AM everynight when I wake up to go to the bathroom and it is cracked open about a third of the way. This happens most nights, but isn’t much of a story.




The real experience is indisputable in my mind. I am sitting in the basement watching TV in the only downstairs room which has a door leading to the backyard where the suicide tree is. I am alone and it is about 1:00AM. No one else is in the house. Out of nowhere, I feel my head being pulled by the right ear. At first, I didn’t think anything of it since I have four siblings. I about died when I remembered my solitude. I snapped my head around and the sensation stopped as I observed the continued silence besides the quiet television. I wait about 30 seconds before I decide that it might be time to leave the room, when the large, old, wood-framed, comfy chair cracks in half. I run the hell out of there and straight to my bedroom on the second floor where I lock the door and leave the lights on.

My conclusion is that the father is a very mean spirit that constantly torments my brothers as our rooms overlook the backyard, but the little girl watches over my sisters which have bedrooms overlooking the girl’s tree in the front. My sisters are always telling stories of how they sometimes hear laughter from the front yard on quiet days. Our dogs absolutely love the front yard tree, but refuse to even go to the backyard. In fact, none of us like going deep in the back yard because it has a vibe about it that deters anyone and anything. It is strong and definitely there.

It is far fetched, I know, but what happened wasn’t a coincidence in my mind. Something physical affected me and you’d have to be a blind quadriplegic to not notice the signs I experienced.

EDIT: Here are some pics that I have that I took with my phone a while ago. I’m not at home, so I can’t really get better ones.

Another angle for perspective

Front yard tree



Alright people. This one is going to seem far-fetched and full of shit, but I swear it happened.

When I was in the 6th grade, my Dad was in Iraq so I had trouble sleeping sometimes because I was worried about him. Because I didn’t sleep well, when I finally could sleep, I dreamt of some weird shit, man.

Best example: One night I was dreaming that I was watching the news with my Mom just like every night since my Dad had left a couple of months prior. In the dream newscast, the anchor was talking about a headline which said “Columbia Explota” which translates to Columbia explodes. I woke up the next day thinking what a weird thing to dream about, a whole country exploding? Impossible.

Jump forward exactly one month, February 1, 2003. I’m watching the news with my Mom that night when things start to get familiar, including the newscast. We keep watching and the anchor starts talking about the Space Shuttle Columbia and how it had exploded earlier that day. The headline shown to his side read, “Columbia Explota,” the whole newscast played out exactly as I’d seen it in my dream.

I know that many people have deja vu like this, but no instance has ever been so vivid to me. I typically forget about it until it happens, but in this case, it was different because I remembered the newscast exactly. Also, keep in mind that being 12, I had no idea that the Columbia was a thing until it was on the news.

Not sure if this is what you’d consider paranormal, but to a 6th grader, it was super creepy.



When I was in high school, I got the flu very badly. I had such a high fever, the doctors were worried about seizures and/or brain damage.

In the hospital and after they were able to get me to a semi-human temperature, they wanted to xray my lungs for damage. I went to walk to radiology, but my doctor saw me, panicked, and said I should not be standing, let alone walking. So they plop me in a wheelchair and roll me down.

My nurse situates me near the machine and tells me to wait there for her and then we’d get started.

She left the room, and I was just kind of looking around waiting. I saw another nurse, very pretty with dark hair, in the room. She told me to go with her. I shook my head and said no, that the other nurse said I needed to stay here. Pretty Nurse asked if I was sure, and I said yes.

My nurse came back in and began to get me ready for my chest xray. It was then I noticed that the door she entered from was the only one. Pretty Nurse was gone.



A few years back at my movie theater days, I was speaking with my supervisor and a woman comes out and says the sound cut out in the middle of the movie which was Avatar. I go up and check it out with her (I was determined to become a projectionist) and we peer around the projector to the audio controls.

Now, if you don’t know about projection booths, they’re very dark and noisy with doors that need to be locked at all times.

She adjusts something and looks at me with this dead stare. She tells me that the volume knob was all the way on zero, which someone would have had to turn down because it takes effort to adjust that knob. We freaked out and ran downstairs and told everyone who would listen about it.

Now fast forward to about a year ago. I’m by myself in charge of half the theater (half the theaters and managers office are across on a newer side) and I’m dealing with concession lines. I get a guy complaining that there is no sound in the theater 4 (project x) which is normal for the pre shows and I explain it’ll be on when the movie starts. About 5 minutes later I’m still helping guests and he says the trailers are on and there’s still no sound. As soon as I’m finished, and annoyed, I go and check the theater and sure enough there’s no sound. I run up the stairs into projection room 3-4 and the first thing I notice is the light bulb is out near projector 4.

The room itself has a creepy vibe to it, first of all there’s only one working door, the broken door can only be opened from the outside.

I go over to check the volume and my heart sank, the volume knob was all the way down. I put it to about 3 1/2 and booked it to the door when it suddenly SLAM! Right before I reached the handle. I twist the knob and kick it open and fling myself down the stairs to the lobby. 10 minutes later my manager comes after I repeatedly asked for back up with the concession lines and I honestly don’t think he believed me.

There’s no way the knob would have turned all the way down by itself.

This might not sound terrifying but if you’ve worked at a movie theater, you know the feeling of something creeping up on you down a hallway.



Taking this seriously, I once had a very strange moment which I still can’t pin down as paranormal.

I usually have no trouble sleeping, I’m quick to pass out once my head hits the pillow. Yet, one night this year I couldn’t sleep at all, rolling and turning in bed constantly. At around 2:00 AM, there was a strange urge for me to open my eyes and look up.

I turn my head to the ceiling to see two women, dressed in all white, just smiling at me. Naturally my heart skips three beats and my natural instinct is to punch up. But nothing. Realizing that I’m awake and aware, I turn my head to the right for 5 seconds thinking that it might have been one of those weird mind tricks where images kind of follow your eyes – but it didn’t.

I turn my head back, and the women are still there. They didn’t look intimidating or scary, comforting actually. Like it was a smile of someone who knew me. For another 10 seconds I just stare at them until they slowly fade away. It took me another 3 hours to fall asleep after that because of the rush.

I still don’t believe in the paranormal, but I was completely awake for that. Maybe it was a hallucination? I don’t know. But it was damn hard to explain to someone the next morning.



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