24 People Share What Made Them Believe in the Supernatural


Oh gawd where should I start?

Growing up in my parents home every so often I would see this tall “shadow” walk by from the corner of my eye. Yeah, big deal, could be imagining things.. But what made it more eerie is that I have an older sister who noticed it too, and way too many times we both noticed it at the same time.

Fast forward a bit, this happened in 7th grade. Just got home from school with my mom the only one home. She decides to go to the store and asks me if I want to come along. Up to this point I have never been home alone, but the neighbors were home who stayed in the in-law next door. So I’m there alone in the kitchen playing with my Lego at the kitchen table while watching Robotech (which I didn’t want to miss).

Out of the corner of my eye I notice the shadow pass by through the connecting hallway. I try to ignore it and continue what I was doing but I fumble with a piece of lego and it falls to the floor ending up in the hallway. F-it, I have more of that same piece and leave it there – and I continue building what I was working on. Moments later I felt something hit the side of my head and I hear the sound of Lego landing in the pile of Lego in front of me. Slowly I look towards the hallway, that piece of Lego on the floor wasn’t there anymore. I GTFO so fast, went to the neighbors and ate chocolate cake till my mom came back home.

When I was a kid I didn’t know how to swim. One day I go with my family to a relatives party who’s home featured a swimming pool. Got bored, went out back alone and walked around the pool when I noticed a leaf floating near the edge. I kneel down on both knees and try to go grab it but I lose my balance. I grab the edge of the pool with both hands to try to steady myself but to no avail, I’m completely falling forward, my feet are not touching ground anymore either. I remember my face getting mere inches from the water, but suddenly I’m somehow forced back up. I decided to go back inside and join the party…

This one happened to my sister. Note, a week before this incident our grandmother died from a sudden stroke at our home, my sister actually found the body.

My sister was walking home from school and climbing the wide/long front staircase to our home (A Victorian, there were no railings either). Near the top she loses her balance and started falling backward, she remembers seeing open blue sky when all of a sudden some unknown force pushes her back up. She says she thinks it was Grandma..

When I was about 18 my sister moves out so I move into her room since it was larger and it had it’s own restroom. Her room always felt a bit creepy and I had a hard time sleeping sometimes at night. One night while sleeping I’m awoken by this great pressure on my chest. I open my eyes and in the twilight I can see this tall human like shadow standing on my chest. I freak out shake my head a few times and it was gone. Months later the in-law next door becomes free and I decide to move there, F that!

About 4 years ago (I’m 38 now btw) I vacationed in the Philippines for about a month, I also had a cousin who was getting married there. Anyhoo..

One night I’m hanging out with another cousin who’s from there when we get this wild idea to visit one of the old cemeteries where we have a number relatives buried. He wanted to point out where one of our aunts was buried since I already visited the graves of every other relative earlier in the week. This was probably around 10pm at night, it was kind of a dare too just for fun. So we take his moped there with me riding on the back. There’s this gravel road that cuts through the center of the graveyard so we start to travel on that with the only illumination from the twilight and his mopeds headlight.

My cousin drives slowly, just barely fast enough to go forward and keep the moped righted, then about 75 feet in he suddenly stops and we both need to put our feet down. Maybe we were going to slow? Paying it no heed we decide to continue. After about another 20 feet he suddenly stops again. My cousin turns his head to look at me with a big WTF expression on his face and he tells me that this time he felt something force him to turn his wheel all the way to the side. I respond that maybe we should GTFO, he nods and turns his moped around. As we start to head back out I tell him I can hear the sound of foot steps walking on gravel behind me. He says he can hear it too so he kicks it into high gear and we get the hell out of there. No we did not drink or imbibe anything that night..

So during my stay in the Philippines I’m staying at different relatives homes, many of them are pretty old. A couple days later after the above incident it’s morning, I’m starting to wake up but decide to chill in bed for a bit longer. Suddenly I feel one of the corners of the bed sink like someone is getting on it and I can hear/feel the bed springs squeak too. I shot up immediately as there should be no one else in the room, and there isn’t. That moment I decide to go stay at another relatives home who’s inviting me to stay over.

Later that evening I’m back with another cousin who’s there with me to help me bring my belongings to that other relatives place. I’m not freaked out or anything from earlier anymore at this point but I did describe to her what happened to me in the morning, she just laughed it off. Anyways, I toss my suitcase on the bed and start pack my gear while we chatted. As I was placing stuff in the suitcase suddenly what I can best describe as a 4~5 inch wide ball of light (will-o-wisp) dance from left to right across the bed and my suit case then disappear. Immediately I jumped the F back and said WTF!! I turned to face my cousin to ask if she saw what I just did. Her mouth was agape, she did!!

The weirdest thing I remember about that “ball of light” is that it did not give off light, it did not illuminate, it did not cause any shadows..

And I have another one while I was in the Philippines. I wanted to visit Baguio and the same cousin who I was with during the cemetery incident offered to come with me.

One of the stories I’ve heard about Baguio is that in the I think was the mid 80’s there was a massive earthquake in the region causing a Hyatt hotel to collapse killing hundreds of people.

So my cousin and I are checking out the sights, just wandering around, he doesn’t really know the city either but it’s not that large. At one point were walking on the side of some fairly busy road behind this old military college (Teachers Camp) making our way towards downtown. It starts to rain so we decide to take refuge at a covered bus stop/shelter until it passes. While waiting we both light up a cigarette.. Cars, taxi’s, buses pass by – we can hear the buzz of a distant radio in the direction of the college.

Off to the side and across the road we see this old man pulling along a horse (not unusual). He heads towards this unremarkable gated chain link fence which happens to be directly across from us. He enters taking the horse with him, closes the gate and disappears off into the distance.

Moments later things started to seem odd.. There were no vehicles passing by, the ambient sounds seemed muffled – I couldn’t hear that radio, the cigarette smoke we blew out hung in the air, and it started to get cold, very cold, I got goosebumps and I could see my breath (hello, tropical weather??). It was like time has stopped or slowed down to a crawl.

At the exact same moment my cousin and I both turned our heads to face each other. I said “something weird is going on”, he said “yeah”, then I said “lets go”. He got up without a word and started walking, I followed. Maybe just 10 feet away from the bus stop I could hear that distant radio again and vehicles started to whiz by – it was still raining, just not as hard. We didn’t talk about what happened and eventually made our way downtown.

Later that day after we did some shopping we decided to take a cab to go check out the summer palace/cottage of the president of the Philippines. On the way there I asked my cousin to ask the taxi driver to point out anything noteworthy on our way – we happened to be on that same road we walked on earlier. As we drove past the gated/fenced area across the bus stop the taxi driver pointed out that was where the Hyatt hotel collapsed. My cousin and I faced each other, did the WTF stare then shook our heads.

Now that was effin eerie…

It bothers me that I have a hard time scientifically/logically explaining to my self what happened each of those times. But hell, even more so since I was a full grown adult when I was in the Philippines. Th en to top it off I wasn’t alone a few of those times. Not cool!!


I was laying in bed next to my boyfriend one morning, everything was peaceful and bright as the sun had risen and was shining through the window. I was wide awake and I began thinking about what it would be like to be possessed. Boredom is funny like that.

I closed my eyes and envisioned swiftly pushing all thoughts out of my mind, and said to myself in my head, “I give permission to have my body and mind possessed by a spirit.”

I was laying on my back at the time, slightly elevated up by my elbows, and something pushed me flat on my back, hard. My elbow was then touching my sleeping boyfriend’s ribcage. All I could hear was a rushing sound in my ears.

I started feeling like I was going to fall through the bed because I was being pushed into it so hard. I realized that I would fall through the bed, the floor, the 3rd floor, the 2nd floor, the 1st floor, but then what? I started to fucking panic. I couldn’t move any part of my body but I was struggling with everything I had in me.

Remember that my elbow was against a sleeping person? I realized that if I woke him up, maybe he could see what’s going on or help me or something. I put all my strength and energy into jabbing him in the ribcage. I couldn’t move my arm at all. I tested my fingers and I could slightly move them, but not enough to help anything.

I was still struggling to not fall through the bed, but I felt like I was losing that fight. I could kind of see my bed room still, though mostly it was through a thick lens of grey static. Still a rushing, roaring sound filled my head. Inside, I was struggling and screaming and fighting.

And then it was done. All that fighting and yelling came through, and I lurched forward in bed onto my knees, screaming. Boyfriend woke up and held me and asked what the fuck was wrong, why I was shaking so much. I didn’t know what to tell him.

I still don’t! Since then, I’ve not been able to clear my mind/meditate at all, because the panic of losing control of my body rushes in and floods my head.

Broad daylight. Wide awake. I try not to think about it anymore.



My friends mom died in her childhood house on valentines day and they promptly moved out because of the emotional connections. The house sat empty for 2 years. She told me during this time that her bedroom window if pushed on would always unlock. so me and some friends decided to sneak in on valentines day with some voice recorders and cameras and see if we could see a ghost of whatnot.

hours pass and nothing, we ask questions, sat in the dark and nothing. I decide to ask one last question before leaving “Do you miss your daughter?” and almost immediately a light fills the daughters room, like spotlight bright. it only lasted maybe a few seconds but i was on the verge of shitting my pants. we all were all in the moms room because we thought that was the best bet so nobody could confirm if it was a ghost or some neighbor shining a flashlight into the window but all I know is i never went back.



I was driving down the road with my cousin and another friend when we all felt something strange. I straight up hallucinated and saw what I would expect hell to look like, if I believed such a place existed. Fire, pits, giant devil looking thing in the distance. It seemed to last for about 5 seconds before I was back in the car and my cousin immediately pulled over and asked if anyone else just felt that? We said yes, but never discussed exactly what “that” was so I have no idea what they saw or felt.

Just based on things I’ve seen about the supernatural, I’m guessing it was some kind of magnetic pulse that I’ve heard can produce feelings and visions in the human brain. Totally freaked me out at the time, but I never really spent a lot of time worrying about it and just thought it was a weird event.



A few experiences.

Story 1: As teenagers I visited my best friend for a few days when she had to move away for a while. Having not seen each other for a while, we were staying up super late. I had my Ouija board with me, and rumor was the former tenant had been murdered. So it’s like 3am or later, and we’re getting tired and bored, not really asking the board serious questions anymore. Getting answers like “Yes. CA.” “Does CA stand for California?” “Yes. NA.” “Does NA stand for Nebraska?” When suddenly, “Yes. Tarnish a memory, tear my bones, carry my body.”

Me: “Uhh…did you spell that out, hon?” Friend: “No…did you?” Me: “No. So board, is the reason I’m not freaked out because of my “guardian angel” that I supposedly have?” Board: Yes. Friend: “Then what is it that I’m sensing?” Board: Dea–

And at that point she threw the piece away violently which made me scream which made her scream.

Story 2: I turned on my radio one night to make some noise while I got ready for bed since I was on edge. Went to brush my teeth and when I came back in the room the radio wasn’t playing. It was on, but no sound. I finally started hitting the volume button, and eventually began hearing noises that I have never heard before or since come from a radio. Slammed the off button and jumped into bed.

Story 3: My cousin in law calls my female family members The Coven. High high intuition runs in our family (often giving the impression we are psychic). One of my cousin’s kids has had tea with my dead grandfather, whom she has never met, and apparently pointed out details about him that no one ever told her. Same child started sobbing uncontrollably one night before bed insisting “Jeanie’s crying,” (my aunt). After unsuccessfully trying to calm her down, her mother calls my aunt to show the kid everything was fine, only to find out that my aunt had shut her hand in the oven and was, indeed, crying.

Same aunt had the dogs go wild at her house in the country one night, and as she stood out on the deck, she started hearing drum beats, calls like from Native Americans, and galloping horses. The sound came up from the valley and passed over the house.

I myself have experienced various premonitions, mostly minor in nature, like things that I saw and that actually happened a few seconds later.

Even with the frequency of weird situations in the family, I’m not necessarily a believer. I just grant the possibility that there’s something out there we can’t recreate or measure with instruments.


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