24 People Share What Made Them Believe in the Supernatural


My mother has a really strong memory of her dad coming over to her in their backyard and offering to play with her for the first time ever when she was nine years old. He was generally a very serious, stern, emotionally distant man. He pushed her around on her bike, played ball with her, played hide-and-seek, and spent the whole morning with her just having a laugh.

When she went in the house for lunch she learned that there was no way her father had done that, because he had died of stomach cancer the night before. My mom had been locked out of the house that morning because her mother wanted to make arrangements without kids underfoot.

To this day my mother is convinced that it was her father’s spirit stopping by to give her one good memory of him before passing on to wherever. I always thought it must be a manufactured memory to give her comfort over losing her dad at such a young age, but who really knows? For her it’s the only “proof” she has that he loved her. Our entire family treats the event as a fact.


24 People Share What Made Them Believe In The Supernatural


Once I went on vacation with my friend and her family, she has a large family so we had to share a pull out bed in the living room. We were up at night chatting, laughing and doing girly things you do at a sleepover when we decided to settle down and go to sleep. So we are laying there looking around getting comfortable when I happen to look at the dark hallway and see a silhouette of a man, but he was partially glowing around the edges of the silhouette.

He was there for probably 30 seconds just standing there, then just like that it’s gone, I didn’t react but I was terrified, i didn’t say anything because maybe I was being dumb and making things up when I hear my friend whisper, ” did you see that man?” she called out for her uncle, he was upstairs in his room and he was the only man in the house at that time but he was sleeping, you can’t see any car lights going by the house because we were in the middle of the woods, so no chance of weird lighting. I was freaked out the rest of the vacation.

There were a couple things that vacation that were really strange but that sticks out as the strangest.



When i was really young, 8 or younger I got up in the morning and went to the stairs of my house. I started going down the stairs then felt something behind me. Then something lifted me off the ground and took me down the stairs. I could see a white glowing thing underneath me (sort off wiggling back and fourth) I then got to the bottom of the stairs and it shot through the wall and to outside.

I felt the door handle to check it wasnt a dream. I felt that although didnt feel myself touching the ground at all. Someone PLEASE explain this I’m not just making this up. All I can think of is I dreamed, sleepwalked and then woke up.

Also many others like hearing noises in the same house and night and rooms somehow being lit up etc theres a big list but this is definitely the ONE thing.



I was driving in the mountains in the winter near Kananaskis Alberta, and I was going around a turn at about 100 km/h, a heard a soft voice in the back of my head whisper .. ‘be careful’ and so for some reason I slowed down to about 50 km/h, and within about ten seconds I came around a second corner and saw a couple huge elk on the road, and 3 or four cars stopped to take pictures, I had to navigate slowly around the cars and the elk. Had I been going full speed I think I would have hit one of those huge elk head on and been messed up a bit..



There was a time a year or so ago, where my girlfriend said her hands felt funny, could I feel it? she gently pressed her hand to my leg and it hurt me, like a burn and left a clear red mark where her hand had been touching. she was like ‘wow great!’ and used her new evil superpower against me. It wore off after a few hours. Still pretty weird, I’ve never heard of anything like that before, it had been a normal day hanging in the flat and neither of us had touched anything remotely toxic.



When my daughter was about 3, she told me that she picked me and her dad to be her parents. I asked her if her story was a dream she had, but she said, “no…it happened before I was born–I saw all the grown-ups lined up…I floated over them…and chose you.” cool!



I was seven years old and my family was about to go on their weekly shopping trip. I was the last one out of the house (had to grab my Gameboy) and heard the most dark, demonic laughing I have ever heard to this day and booked it the fuck out of my house. I was afraid to be home alone for years. My fear of this house aroused again after I had moved away; my brother told me at night he heard furniture moving upstairs when nobody else was awake, in my old room nobody bothered going into anymore. He told me he played a playlist of Hank Williams to soothe the ghost’s soul.



Flies. Big Black Flies. Flies from Hell. Like I’ve never seen before or since. Hundreds of them appeared within about 30 seconds in the bedroom (I was visiting a bed-ridden friend). We start killing them. I’m swinging something, don’t remember what, but these things are so thick each swing is smacking half a dozen or more. No open windows, I immediately close the doors so they don’t get to the rest of the house.

They are buzzing VERY loudly, and swirling up to the skylight. I stop swinging and try to get a handle of what is happening. I take ten seconds to estimate their number. I’m thinking thousands, and there is no doubt there are hundreds. But here is the freaky creepy part: after about 5 minutes of this, they start decreasing in intensity and numbers. 30 seconds after that, they are GONE. This bedroom is sealed up and 500 flies have vanished, we found maybe 3 bodies. My one and only experience that I just cannot explain at all.



I grew up in a 125-year-old Victorian house. The stairs to the basement would occasionally make noises as if someone were walking upstairs. Things sometimes randomly fell off counters when no one and nothing were near them. I once saw a figure leaning in the doorway of my room, too.

All that was weird but not creepy enough to make me think, “Oh, ghosts. Of course!” It’s an old house, it makes noise, I was a kid and probably saw my mom checking in on us, etc.

The one thing that DID creep me out happened when I was in 8th grade and had a friend over for a sleepover: we were sleeping in cots set up in the basement, about five feet away from each other. The bedrooms were on the main floor, and my parents and brother were upstairs.

I woke up in the middle of the night to see a man standing over my friend, just looking at her. After about thirty seconds, he turned and, without a glance at me, opened the door to the bathroom (I saw then that the bathroom light was on, and very bright), walked in, then closed the door behind him. Thinking it was my brother, I shrugged it off and went back to sleep.

When I asked him the next day why he had come downstairs when we had a closer bathroom on the main floor, he told me he hadn’t even woken up during the night. Creepy.



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