20 Times An Inner Warning Saved Someone


When I was in middle school I once woke up at about 5 am feeling like there was someone there in the dark with me. After a few seconds my eyes adjusted and there was a crouched figure on the floor at the foot of my bed. I yelled “hey” kind of aggressively like “hey wtf are you doing in my room?” A man barefoot and in shorts with no shirt jumped up and ran out of my room and down the stairs.

I followed him about half way down the stairs and realized how stupid that was, then ran back up to wake my dad. I was all adrenaline up to that point, but as the words came out I lost it a little, “there was a man in my bedroom.” My dad told me to get behind him and we went downstairs. A window was half way open and my dad looked out of it, our neighbor was standing in our yard, barefoot and shorts, no shirt.

We called the cops, he was picked up, had to id him in a line up, they dusted around the window for fingerprints, interviewed me, etc. He was illegal and I think deported. Turns out he would regularly come into our house and take money from our bags and whatever cash he could find laying around. Being our neighbor, he knew our schedule and stuff. Plus I regularly forgot my house key and crawled thorough that very window after school all the time. And when they did the prints it was difficult since he and i were both using that same window over and over so there were lots of smudges and streaks.

Our family has always been okay with sharing money so whenever any was missing we just assumed someone in the family used it, or we lost it. It was never obvious that we were continually robbed, just 5 or 10 bucks here and there. I am so thankful he wasn’t a rapist or pedo.



When I was 10 or 11, I woke up in the middle of the night with a feeling in my stomach that something wasn’t right. I got out of bed and went to my mom’s room but she wasn’t there (it was just me, my mom, and younger brother) so I searched elsewhere in our dark house when she suddenly grabbed me and led me outside, telling me that my father was coming.

My father was not a nice man. My most vivid memory of him is him holding a knife up to my throat threatening to kill me when I was younger.

My mother told me she had already hidden my brother and she took me outside and I hid in the bushes with just enough view of the kitchen window of our house. She went back inside and shortly after I seen headlights in our driveway and my dad get out and go inside. I watched as my parents fought and my dad beat my mom screaming at her asking where his children were. He searched for us outside as well and I’ve never held my breath and sat so still than when he passed the bushes I was hiding in.



I was playing a game in my room, and I felt a bit weird, so I went to the window and looked outside. Nothing. So I went to the front door, and, lo and behold, my front yard is completely on fire. I live behind my neighbors, and they have a pretty large backyard, about 200 yards across and 100 yards deep. The entire thing is on fire. Turns out my neighbor had walked away and wind picked up, catching the dry grass on fire. They had already put out a good bit, but they were both wheezing loudly and about to pass out, they’re both not in the best shape.

I go and get my dog that was outside, bring him inside and stick him in a cage. I then run to our workshop, grab a hoe and an old Carhartt jacket and get to work putting out fire with two other people. We put out the entire yard by hitting it with a jacket and then knocking it completely out with our shoes and a hoe. Slam jacket down, beat out with hoe, over and over, for about an hour.

I got it out before it spread to the thick brush around their yard. Should it have caught fire, it would have demolished the woods near my house, and possibly catching fire to my home. It was about 4 feet from hitting the brush, if it would have caught fire, our day would have been much much worse. If I wouldn’t have been there, the chances of them putting it out were slim-to-none.



I was really young, in grade 1 or 2. It was recess and I liked climbing trees, so I climbed one of the trees near the jungle gym (which was off limits due to whatever reason at the time). I would sneak by the teachers supervising the kids and just spend my time in the trees relaxing. One day, this man came by the tree and asked if I liked kittens. I said yes, he said he needed help, he found an injured kitten and needed my help. My dumbass self jumped out of the tree and followed him.

It wasn’t until we got to the sidewalk when I got the worst feeling. He said we had to cross and all I could think was what my mom used to tell me [“never cross the street without holding hands with someone you know”]. I said no and he started dragging me, and I went dead weight and started bawling my eyes out. I guess he didn’t want to be caught abducting a little girl, so he bolted. After I finished crying, I was making my way back when a school/family friend saw me and asked why I was out of bounds, and told her about the man. She brought me to a teacher, told her what happened, was brought to the office, told them what happened, they called my mom, all hell broke loose.

My mom raised hell, because of the incident, rules were placed in my area where only certain people could pick up students after school and rules for supervising got a lot more strict. What happened to the guy? Well, I can’t remember his name for the life of me, but apparently he had kidnapped and molested two other girls before getting caught. The kittens were a lie ;-;



One night I woke up and my house was completely quiet. But I just had this weird feeling so I went down stairs to my front door. That’s when I saw a Drugged out man staring through the front door.



I was working as a Medic and we picked this guy up. To give you an idea, the back of the ambulance has one long bench seat on the left side of the patient, a “CPR seat” on the right, and an “Airway seat” just behind the head of the patient.

Usually I sit on the bench seat, but something told me to sit in the airway seat. I usually don’t do this since I can’t see the patient’s face or body, but for whatever reason I sit down. I also threw on my ballistics vest. As I said, I just got this off feeling.

The patient is nice enough, but I can’t shake the feeling that something shitty was about to happen. I got up to put the blood pressure cuff on the guy, my heart now racing in my chest and the guy pulls out a knife and stabs me in the stomach. The ceramic trauma plate on the abdomen is probably the only reason I’m still alive right now.

Come to find out, he was a patient who was off his meds and he thought I was going to kill him.



When I was in grade school my mom would take me to school in the mornings, which required us to go on the highway for a few miles. As she got on the highway we were behind a landscaping truck with a bunch of ladders and tools tied up on the roof. My mom got a weird feeling about it and decided to switch lanes. About 5 seconds later one of the ladders fell of the top of the truck and would have gone right through our windshield if she hadn’t moved. My mom has always had premonitions that turn out to be eerily accurate.



I was driving to the senior prom with my girlfriend at the time. She didn’t have her seat belt on because she didn’t want to mess up her dress or hair. All of a sudden a feeling set on and I quick told her to put it on. She tried arguing but I yelled until she did. Not even 5 minutes later we were rear ended at 55-60 mph at a stoplight. Even with her seat belt on she hit the windshield. She probably would have gone through it if she didn’t put it on.



So it’s June 2009, one of my best buddy from school is getting married in Rio de Janeiro and and bunch of the old gang have planned to all go together. It’s perfect, we’ve rented a fantastic condo up on the hills of Copacabana with a jacuzzi with a view on the bay. It’s going to be so much fun.

Except that the backward Brazilian authorities require a visa for me and there’s is no consulate where I live so I plan around a trip to Paris for work to go there, extend the trip and wait the 3 days necessary to get the visa. but when I get there the delay is now 6 days and I can’t get the visa. I should have been really angry at this or I could have found a way to get the visa but somehow my wife and me figured out it must have been for a reason and we cancelled the trip, lost our money on the tickets and condo reservation but we were not angry or anything. If you knew us you’d know that’s weird. But it just felt right.

If we had gone to Brazil, we would have died in the Air France plane crash on the way back from Rio. When we saw the news and heard the flight number, it sent a chill down my spine, I still feel it when I think back. Thank you slow Brazilian consulate!



Freshman year in college I was walking down the hall to my dorm room and saw this very obviously intoxicated girl who I had halfway met once before. I saw her talking to this guy and as soon as I saw him I got a bad feeling about him but I was far down the hall and couldn’t overhear the conversation so I ignored it at first.

As I got closer I could hear him trying to convince her to go to a party off campus with him she seemed game (but she was so drunk that there’s no way she knew what she was doing). Nothing about this guy screamed creeper but I still just didn’t feel right about the situation so as I passed by I called out her name and interrupted him. I faked as if she and I were old friends and lied that I had left something in her room and needed her to take me there. I was grasping at straws trying to get her away from this guy.

Since she was wasted she totally went along with it and once we got to her door we made the guy wait outside. Luckily her roommate was there and I explained the situation to her. She also has a bad feeling about it and she and I were able to get the guy to leave. I ended up sleeping there because the girl was super wasted and her roommate needed help taking care of her.

The next morning we learn that the party the guy was talking about ended up getting shot up and left a few people critically injured.

9 years later those two girls are still my very best friends.


Source: RedditWhat’s your “something doesn’t feel right” moment that turned out to be true?

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