20 People Recount Their Town’s Darkest Secret

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We had a kid who went to my high school, his locker was actually right under my girlfriend’s at the time. He had long hair and sported the emo look but in never thought anything of it. One night my junior year he snuck out of his house and just walked around looking for open windows. He made his way house to house until he finally found one, cut through the window and hid in the house. Once he was sure the people inside were asleep he stabbed them to death, some ridiculous number of times, cut them open and then stuffed a bunch of random stuff in their bodies. He was walking around my school for a couple days before they figured out he did because his friends he told reported him. He said he wanted to shoot up the school later that year. He won’t get out prison tills he’s 80 or something

Edit: Source http://www.sacbee.com/community/yolo/article4448144.html



My city’s police force is known for “The Starlight Tour” where police officers would take aboriginals, drive them out of town and abandon them on the side of the road at night. This came to light when they did this to a teenage boy in the middle of the winter and he freezes to death back in 1990.



In my neighborhood theres a guy with two chickens named larry and moe. he lives right at the entrance of the neighborhood and moe likes to climb on the tree besides his house and call out to everyone passing

apparently male chickens have territorial issues and no one knows what happened to have larry piss moe off but moe wasnt having it. moe apparently chased him and pecked him to death.

larry was found by his owner and originally thought that larry was hit by a car. larry was still somewhat alive at this time so larry was taken to the vet. larry died and the vet pointed out that his wounds looked like peck wounds. our neighbor knew moe had to have done it and moe sits up on his tree to this day cawing to everyone who passes






The giant mudplain is caustic and will eat you if you stand on it.

And legally, the giant petrochemical facility nearby is toooootally not to blame for this.



Who put Bella in the witch elm?

Basically during the second world war, some local boys found a woman’s skeleton in a hollowed out tree in some woods. It’s supposedly quite a famous “horror” story.




During the early 1900s, my town was (more or less) directly across from another town. Split by a lake, the lake/river was a huge trade route and boats would dock at either city. No big deal. Except, the railroad moved in and they decided to run it on my towns’ side of the river. Like clockwork, the other village dried up.

Some of the few remaining townsfolk gathered up their closest possessions, weighed themselves down, and jumped into the center of the lake in protest. No attempt to recover their bodies was ever made. Down the road some years we put in a dam and it’s a local historical fact that they just covered what remained of the other town w/ water.

I learned this from a news article and finding out that the local university has the personal journal of that town’s mayor at the time. I’ve wanted to sonar that lake for years…



Where im from (in Canada), long ago authorities would round up homeless people and auction them off as slaves.

Edit: Here you go everyone, took me a while but I finally found a reference for it. They put a very nice spin on it, but when you see it in person…well lets just say I’ve never seen a farm hand in chains when he was being hired for the job.




Our mayor ordered an air strike on a inner city block, ordered the fire department to let the fire burn, and police to shoot anyone that tried to escape.



Not actually a secret, more of a dark part of town history – I live in Eastern Europe, and during the Nazi occupation, there was a ghetto established in the town. Some of the fortresses surrounding the city were turned into prisons and mass murder sites that the population of said ghetto died in. There was one day during which 10 000 people were killed in one fortress, almost half of them children. There were 37 000 Jews before the Nazi occupation in the city. After, there were 3 000.



I don’t live there anymore, but . . .

Apple Creek, Ohio has a very large complex, maybe 15 to 20 acres, that used to be known as the Apple Creek Development Center, commonly called the ACDC (I know, I know). It was a home for mentally challenged people. This is the story I heard about it from a local police officer:

It was established back when having a mentally challenged person in your family was considered shameful, and the residents there were treated thusly. Families would drop off their sons and daughters, then pretend they never even had those children. The abuse these people received was horrible: lobotomies, electroshock “therapy”, sleep deprivation. People would be beaten daily, starved, congregated in rooms for days with no access to toilets. Horror movie stuff. Many people died.

Apparently one woman who had put her son in their care had second thoughts, so she went back to get him and found what was going on there. She got the police and the news involved. Management and doctors went to prison for murder/manslaughter.

A new director was installed, and this guy completely turned the ACDC around. It became the model facility for homes for people with mental disabilities. Kind staff, top medical care, exercise room, good food. Even simple jobs that the residents could do to make money for themselves.

But here’s where it gets weird. It started to lose funding, and there was no way the facility could keep running. One day, everyone vanished – both residents and staff. They left everything from the lights on, to the water in the swimming pool, to food in the fridge, to medical supplies on the counters. There was no gradual exodus. One day, fully populated. Next day, ghost town.

Students at the nearby colleges like to trespass at night looking for ghosts. Apparently there are frequent sightings.


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