2 Simple Mindfulness Exercises

It seems the amount of people taking on the practice of mindfulness has grown significantly over the past number of years. We are at an age where science and innovation is growing at a staggering rate, simple things are done for us and our every convenience is looked at. How then does the rise in those practicing simple mindfulness exercises make sense?

Humans are marketed at in ways that tell us we have to cram in as much work as possible. Therein lies the problem; technology is evolving rapidly yet we are becoming more robot-like as time goes on. Our days are spent rushing from one errand to the next, angrily demanding projects be sped up, skipping from one confrontation straight into the next. Is this existence?

For many, and rising, the answer to this is a resounding no! Why should life be spent in such an un-enjoyable way. The world is beautiful and there are some massive opportunities for us to be a force for good rather than another cog stick in a corporate machine.

With that being said, here are some simple mindfulness exercises for those of you that want to learn what it is to live in the now.

2 Simple Mindfulness Exercises



So simple, yet so few of us do it properly. Our minds need oxygen to function properly. When they are starved of oxygen they reach for negative thoughts and emotions at a much easier pace than positive ones. Practicing deep breathing has many benefits, it increases positive thoughts and emotions, cleanses our bodies, releases tension and headaches. It is also the basis for nearly all meditation. If you master this you are, in essence, meditating.

Sit with your back straight. Draw in a deep breath for 2 seconds, feeling the oxygen fill your lungs. Then slowly exhale for twice the length. Listen to the noise of air as it is expelled from your body. If you are of a visual disposition, visualize the air you are drawing in as purifying, clean and energizing light. Then also imagine the air that you are expelling contains your negative thoughts and tensions.

Repeat the cycle of breathing in an out for at least 5 minutes. With you thoughts on your breathing these simple mindfulness exercises ensure you are fully in the present.

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Life is filled with the little tasks, those that we consider to not be important at all. Except they are, and when we gloss over them, or zone out, we are literally losing time. So really be aware of exactly what you are doing the next time you are doing one of these tasks.

For example, washing the dishes – not the most exciting. However, the next time you doing the dishes, take care to pay extra attention. Notice the contrast of the cool air on the back of your skin compared to the warm, engulfing feeling of plunging your hand into the soapy water. Look at how colors sit on top of bubbles, how they quiver when the water is disturbed and how they burst out of existence when disturbed.

Being able to focus your mind in this way has several benefits. With constant practice, it allows you to utilize this without even thinking about it, your concentration will improve considerably especially when you need it the most. With you mind fully engaged it also stops it wondering into thoughts that are filled with fear, regret and anxiety. This perhaps is what makes it one of the most popular simple mindfulness exercises.

These are 2 very simple mindfulness exercises but when practiced regularly, they can change your entire life. Try to incorporate the practices in your day-to-day and see what benefits are in store for you.

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