18 People Reveal Their Creepiest Real Experiences

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My friend was visiting family in the states. They lived in a rural community of Maine and one morning she woke up before everyone else and decided to go for a run. After ~30 minutes she turned back and started noticing a van following a few blocks behind her. She thought it was strange so started turning down a few streets with the van following every move. She started sprinting and the van sped up too.

She ran to the first house she could find and started banging on the door. No answer. Hoped the fence and started banging on the back door. Dog in the house started barking at her but no one answered. She jumped into the empty pool in the backyard and hid while dialing 911. A car parked in front of the house and man started calling out to her offering her a ride home.

The dog in the house was now barking like crazy and the man left after about a minute. Police showed up and took her back to her family’s place. She gave a report and they identified the van from a nearby HVAC business. It had been stolen early that day and the same man was arrested in the next county at a gas station.



When I was in 8th Grade, I had two my friends sleep over at my house. A little back story, at the time my dad lived in Canada for business and my little sister was at a friends house.

So that night being little mischievous middle schoolers, we decided to sneak out of my house. There was a kid who lived down the street that was a bully, so we decided to doorbell ditch his house. At the time it’s probably 2:30 am on a Saturday in the summer. We ring the door bell numerous times and he comes running out of the house after us. (This was part of the fun of door bell ditching him.. because he would chase you) anyways he is running after us but we had a good head start so we lost him. We were kneeling across the street in some bushes and my friend mark lost his shoe. He wouldn’t stop complaining about it because he had just got them. I told him to stop worrying about it and let’s go back to my house.

So we sneak back into my house. And we are in the kitchen. It’s dimly lit to the point where I still had pretty good vision of everything around me. All of sudden we hear something drop.. sounds like a penny. We ask each other if we heard that. All of sudden we hear it again but it’s getting closer. At this point we think the neighbor kid is in my house trying to scare us or beat us up. A moment goes by and I see a water bottle cap land by my foot. We stand there pretty scared/confused. Then what happens next.. I can’t even explain but I saw the bottle cap violently fly from the ground near my foot and hit the cabinet indirectly behind me. At this point we all kind of make some ruckus and b-line it to my bedroom and slam my door. And then we hear it hit my door.

At this point we were all panicking in my room. We think the neighbor is in my house but we didn’t see anyone. Plus that still doesn’t explain then bottle cap. Then about 2 minutes later we hear a loud bang on my door, which sounds like someone slammed a jar of pennies against my door. I was sitting on the bottom bunk of my bed and I literally was so scared I jumped up to the top bunk. We all looked at each other and we were pale. They were telling me to open the door and check it out but I was too afraid. We waited about 20 minutes and I opened the door to white uncooked rice all over the floor.

The next morning my mom said we ” you boys must have been getting wild last night, I cleaned up a bunch of rice off the floor”. Still to this day we have no explanation for what happened that night.





I was only 4 when this happened. Was playing outside with my siblings and neighbors and while they’re busy playing, a lady approached me and took me to her place. A nearby neighborhood. After a while, everybody was freaking out and they started looking for me everywhere. This lady was severely depressed, her husband left her after their son died. He couldn’t handle her depression apparently.

She took me to her place, fed me and gave me tons of candy. For couple days. She also made me wear her deceased son pajamas. At some point, She took me to buy some candy from the store, the store owner knew her so he reported that to the police. She didn’t hurt me at all, the doctor even said I was well fed. I always think of her and pray she’s in a better place now, even tried to go visit her when I was a college student, her house was sold and she moved away apparently.



Somebody mailed my friend a bunch of pictures of his wife just going about her day. Some of them were taken through windows of their home.

Police were called and everything, but nothing ever came of it. They actually moved because of it.



This happened about three years ago or so. I was sitting in the kitchen, and it was around 10pm or so. I heard a really loud “thump” in the basement.

I live alone with two dogs so any sound is somewhat frightening to me.

So, as I’m walking down the stairs to the, basement, I hear the thumping again, in an oddly rhythmic pattern. I creak open the door into the basement bedroom, and I see my dog is just ramming his head and body into the wall, over and over.

I cant explain to you how shockingly unnatural looking it was. It looked like… he was controlled or something. I called him over, and he stopped and came upstairs with me.

Theee hours later, I hear the thumping again. I get out of bed again, However, when I went down to check it, it was my OTHER dog that was ramming his head into the wall.

It was like he was possessed. Scared the cheese out of me.

Since then, nothing like that has happened, but what an unexplainable event…



When I was in my very early 20’s my mom and I shared a house. We had a stalker. The first night we stayed in the house someone got into our car. My mom happened to come outside, saw him, set off the panic alarm on the car and scared him away. My backpack had been in the car and he dumped the contents into the floorboard of the car but left the paycheck that I had just cashed, all the cash still in a bank envelope. The police said it seemed that they were searching for something specific and really questioned me about what that might be. But I have no idea. Police were able to get a partial palm print off the car but had no matches in their system.

My mom and I were out doing yard work and found a phone cord under our deck. It connected into the phone box on the outside of the house. We called the phone company out and they said that they figured that someone had been using the cord to hook up a phone and lay under our deck and listen in on our phone calls. They removed the cord and put a lock on the phone box.

We also frequently heard someone walking outside our windows at night. We would call the police and they would drive by but not see anyone. Another time all of the lightbulbs from our exterior lights were removed. Once we came home and my mom realized that a pair of earrings and a stuffed animal that had been sitting on her dresser were missing. There was no sign of anyone having broken in but those items never turned up and we were sure someone had been in the house. We frequently heard this weird thump and squeak noise that we could never figure out what caused it.

Another time my mom was raking leaves at the front of the house and saw something in one of our bushes. It was a voice activated recorder, wrapped in black plastic and tied to the trunk of one of our bushes. The recorder was tapped into our phone line. Someone had gotten under our house, drilled a hole through our foundation (!!) and run a phone cord through the hole, into the recorder in the bush. We have no idea how a neighbor (though they were all elderly) didn’t see or hear this happening. The police, who were well aware of the issues by this point, now seemed to realize that this was a serious, scary problem. They sent several officers out to investigate the recorder. We were in the house talking to an officer and heard the thump/squeak noise that we always heard. We told the officer “That’s the noise we can’t identify!” As it turns out, at that moment an officer was crawling under the house and had bumped a pipe. He was able to repeat the noise. The police figured that it was almost impossible to get into or out of the crawlspace under our house without bumping that pipe. And we heard that noise a lot! The police think that whoever it was was getting into the crawlspace and lying under the house listening to us! We put a cover over the entrance and glued it down. We put sequins in a certain order in the glue so that we could tell if it had been removed and re-glued.

It was all insanely creepy. We eventually moved. I moved in with my boyfriend (now husband) on a second floor apartment. I felt so much safer with people all around and figure that the stalking issue was behind me. Not long after we moved in I noticed that our caller ID wasn’t working. I called the phone company and they informed me that a “Mr. Kramer” had called and requested that the caller ID service be turned off on our phone. I had a meltdown! I was so upset, first off because the phone company let some random person make changes on our phone line and secondly because apparently the issues were not behind me and they were planning something and didn’t want the caller ID to show up. I put a password on our account so no changes could be made without it. And that was the last issue we ever had. I really think the caller ID issue was possibly unrelated. Maybe someone was accidentally making changes to the wrong account or something?? Either way it was very creepy though I have to admit, if the person had wanted to do something bad to either one of us there were surely plenty of times that could have been done. It really seems they just wanted to observe us and scare us.



Staying in a motel with my wife one night, she falls asleep really quickly but for me it takes a while to drift off to sleep. So I’m lying there in the dark for a while and I distinctly hear a voice coming from somewhere in the room quietly, though just above a whisper, say: “I think they’re asleep now.” – Immediate fright response; I bolt out of bed, turn on all the lights and start frantically searching the room; I look in the bathroom behind the shower curtain, under the bed… nothing. It’s a one room motel room, the door is bolted shut, there’s nobody else in the room. My wife is now freaked because of my actions.

What I experienced is called a Hypnagogic Hallucination; a not an uncommon experience during the initial stages of sleep. But if I had not known what that was I would have thought the room was haunted.



This happened to my Father, I will tell the story the way he told me to better the story. I was 22 years old. I had just gotten a place closer to my new job but the neighborhood i lived in was secluded. Maybe four houses within a mile, nothing for miles after that. I was having a normal night, maybe my first week there. I watched some TV and fell asleep. When i woke up around 1 A.M., I was about to go to my bedroom when I remembered to turn off the bathroom light at the opposite end of the house. As I was walking through the living room, I could barely see through to the kitchen and even farther, the dining room. It was pitch black because the bathroom door was closed.

In the Dining room however, i saw something tall standing up in the corner. I froze and as my eyes adjusted, I saw it was an old man or woman in a white gown with white hair. ” Hey!” I yelled. The old person sprinted towards me like a fucking jet. I sprinted back to my room were the light was on. I put my hands up, ready to fight and the old person came lunging in and when they saw me they stopped and said ” Why are you in my house?” I pretended I was leaving and apologized while I eased into the closer bathroom, locked the door, and called 911 with the house phone. Turns out a woman about a half mile away in the neighborhood had a form of dementia and wandered into my house while I was sleeping.



Mom walking through house with a realtor, 3 year old me in tow. Realtor mentions that the house used to be an orphanage (mom loves old houses, this one had plenty of rooms and old house-y-ness). About 15 minutes in, 3 year old me kept asking, “Where’d that little boy go?”




My friend came home from school one day to find that her house had been broken into. She decided to go inside, and look around whilst she called her mum. She was done looking at the second floor when she made for the stairs, her mum convinced her to go outside and wait for the police (who she had called). Later on, the police asked the family if they owned a crowbar, the said they didn’t. They then said it looks like the offender was still in the house when she got home, and they were waiting at the top of the stairs with a crowbar, which they stupidly left behind when they fled.



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