15 Signs That Mean You’re Actually Psychic

Many people wonder if they have hidden psychic abilities and what it would be like to develop them further.

One thing psychics all have in common is an abundance of psychic energy. This isn’t ability per se but when someone has a higher amount of psychic energy, then they can turn that into ability.

So what is energy?

It’s not something you can see, however it can cause side effects in the body and there are some clues that will tell you whether you have a lot of it.

It is important for Psychics not to let this psychic energy build up within them as when levels reach to high a point, it can cause problems with mind, body and spirit.

As with anything, if you are feeling drained or experiencing behaviours in your body and mind then it’s always best to get a full medical done first of all. This allows you to make sure you don’t have any side effects of a medical condition and you’ll know for sure that the symptoms you do have, point to psychic energy.

Once you know that you have psychic energy, you can then begin to learn some grounding or channeling techniques that will allow you to keep the levels of energy balanced.

First of all though, take a look at these 15 signs of physic energy, if a lot of them apply to you then there’s a very good chance you may be psychic!

15 Signs You’re Psychic

1. Highly empathetic to the pain of others. So much so, you find it very difficult to separate their pain from your own.

2. Anxiety rises when surrounded by large crowds. This anxiety eases when you immerse yourself in nature.

3. It is very easy for you to be hypnotised.

4. Highly vivid lucid dreams.

5. The ability to see blurs of colours surrounding people. This may be more pronounced and full aura’s may be seen.

6. You have a  tendency towards addictive behaviour.

7. Your energy levels fluctuate greatly.

8. Cold or warm sensations in the feet and hands, sometimes accompanied by tingling.

9. Electrical disturbance seems to be a common occurrence when you are present.

10. Inability to tolerate the ‘Loudness’ of silence. Roaring or ringing noises may develop in the ears.

11. Precognition, seeing events before they happen or knowing something is going to happen.

12. You suffer from a lot of headaches.

13. Sudden sensations overtake your body such as sensations of falling, or a silk cloth brushing against your skin etc.

14. Out of body experiences, especially at night. It feels far more real than a dream and you clearly feel sensations.

15. You seem to be present for a lot of big milestones in other peoples lives. Witnessing arguments, proposals etc.

If you’re intrigued and relate to the psychic signs listed above, you might also be interested in this psychic IQ test:


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