15 Rules for a Simple Life


Life doesn’t have to be complicated and the vast majority of the time it is us that make it so. Remember, no one can read minds so if there’s something going on in yours, you’re going to have to let them know about it rather than expecting them to just ‘know’. This makes life so much easier and avoids a whole lot of pointless misunderstandings. Communication is the key to a simple life along with the following simple rules.

They may seem obvious, but be honest with yourself as you go through the list. When you’re experiencing the emotion, do you go to that action straight away, or do fear, doubt, insecurity or other people stand in your way? There will always be difficult situations in life, challenges to face and obstacle to overcome. However, if you incorporate the following into your core reaction system, everything gets a little easier, your mindset adapts, and life as a whole becomes a much happier endeavour.


Miss Someone?

Pick up the phone or better yet, go and see them.

Want to be Understood?

Explain what you want or how you feel clearly.

Don’t like Confrontation?

Remove yourself from the situation.

Have a Question?

Ask it.

Love Someone?

Tell them.

Don’t Know how to do Something?

Learn it.

Want Something?

Go and get it.

Regret Something?

Learn the lesson and move on.

Don’t Want to do Something?

Don’t do it.

See Something you don’t Like?

Speak out.

See Someone in Need?

Help them.

Judging Someone?

Put yourself in their shoes first.

Can’t be yourself with Friends?

Find better ones.

Afraid to try Something New?

Do it anyway.


Identify the cause and change it.

Let us know your thoughts, if you like by this code already, or if there are any other rules for a simple life you would add to this list.