The best Kid’s movies contain inspirational messages that help to grow their outlook on life. Think about the times you re-watched your favourite movies from childhood when you’re an adult. How many inspirational messages and lessons did you miss?

You might think that you’re only picking these up now, however, a lot of these positive messages would have stuck with us as we grew up. The determination to succeed, how your background doesn’t stop you from reaching your goals, how teamwork is better than going solo etc. There are plenty of messages if you know where to look for them.

Sure, not everyone would agree that the messages were all positive. We all know that kids films back in the days reinforced gender roles and expectancy, but they also did a lot to push boundaries. That’s happening to a greater extent now and characters are written in more diverse ways than ever.

A particular favourite kids movie that would be classified as more modern is Kung Fu Panda. I loved this film and watched it far more than I’d like to admit. Watching the loveable Po grow through all of the challenges he faces is a fantastic lesson for adults and children alike. It also touches on elements of mindfulness and other important wellness techniques that are often missing from children movies.

In fact, the guys over at Trans Tutors have identified 10 life lessons from kung fu panda and created a wonderful infographic depicting them all. Here they are in brief:

1) Life is Here and Now

2) Create Your Own Destiny

3) Believe in Yourself

4) Perseverance

5) Have a Fighting Spirit

6) Explore Your Real Passion

7) Accept Life As It Is

8) You Can’t Run Away From Your Destiny

9) Hope Keeps You Going

10) Things Happen For a Reason


Check out the beautiful infographic below:


kung fu panda infographic

Source: Trans Tutors