The things that make us sad vary just as much as the different signs of the zodiac demonstrate this sadness. Some people may bottle up their sadness, while others show it for the world to see.

Two people could find themselves in the exact same situation but react totally different. This is because each of us has our own way of dealing with sudden upsets or other things that may cause us sadness.

There are healthier ways to deal with sadness and you might wonder if how you express yourself is making you worse or better.

However, you might notice a similar pattern among certain people. Do these people share the same star sign?

Take a look down through this list on how different zodiac signs react when sad.

How Different Zodiac Signs Express Sadness

Star Sign Profiles: AriesAries

As Aries are quite impulsive, they can act out in a rage when worked up. They are naturally blunt and won’t soften their words to spare your feelings, so think twice before you cross an Aries.

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Star Sign Profiles: TaurusTaurus

Taurus don’t have much patience and are quick to anger because of it. When hurt, they tend to retreat into isolation and their stubbornness makes it very hard for them to be the first person to attempt a reconciliation.

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Star Sign Profiles: GeminiGemini

Gemini’s analytical minds leads to them overthinking problems and making them out to be much worse than they really are. They retreat into their own minds, withdrawing from the world and reliving the moment over and over.

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Star Sign Profiles: CancerCancer

Cancers are quite needy and can be very emotional when faced with adversity. They retreat from the world listening to their own insecurities rather than thinking rationally. They have trust issues that stops them from becoming to attached to people as a defence mechanism.

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Star Sign Profile: LeoLeo

If a Leo is sad then everyone knows about it. They display dramatic shows of anger and sadness when confronted. Hurt their pride and the Leo will retreat into deep feelings of sadness, but they don’t tend to stay their for long.

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Star Sign Profiles: VirgoVirgo

Virgo’s can become cold and unresponsive when sad and if you push them too far they can become angry and blunt, saying the thing that will hurt you the most. They can also become moody and oppositional.

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Star sign Profile LibraLibra

Libra’s don’t let anyone see their sadness and keep all of their anger and sadness locked deep inside. This is dangerous as inevitably it has to be released and when it does, it can be explosive.

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Star Sign Profile: ScorpioScorpio

Scorpio’s can become incredibly hostile and swing between emotions when they are angry. When they are deeply sad they tend to isolate themselves from the world. You may think that the Scorpio is unemotional or detached, however beneath the surface they are filled with an intense passion.

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Star Sign Profiles: SagittariusSagittarius

Sagittarius can be prone to depression, often falling into periods of lethargy. However, this is when they’re on their own. When surrounded by people the Sagittarius likes to display their optimistic front so you may never know the extent of their sadness.

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Star Sign Profiles: CapricornCapricorn

Capricorns are over thinkers and are very vulnerable. They fear letting people in too much, using the focus of their careers lets them pretend that’s what’s really going on. When they are hurt they retreat deep into themselves.

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Star Sign Profiles: AquariusAquarius

Aquarius are usually happy go lucky kind of people but when hurt, they completely detach themselves from the situation. You won’t know the extent that Aquarius is hurting because they carry it deep within themselves.

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Star Sign Profiles: PiscesPisces

Pisces can obsess on problems when they arise and they have a tendency to replay every little detail over and over. This allows bitterness and resentment to bubble inside them and anxiety to develop. Being very empathetic they can also become sad when those closest to them feel the same way.

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