Going on a first date can be a nerve-wracking experience. You are with someone you do not know, and you are trying to make a good impression.

If you like the person you are with, you want them to like you in return. How do you read the other person? How do you know where you stand with them?

Different people have different communication styles. Luckily, if you know the person’s zodiac sign, you can get an idea of whether this is a person who will be upfront with you about their feelings, or whether they will hide them and keep you guessing.

With this in mind, we’ll look at the 6 zodiac signs who will tell you where you stand, and the 6 signs that will keep you guessing.


How Zodiac Signs Communicates On A First Date


These 6 Zodiac Signs will tell you where you stand

If you are with one of these 6 zodiac signs, you can be pretty sure that they will let you know how they feel about you!

6) Virgo

Virgo natives are generally pretty straightforward with their feelings. They usually do not worry too much about whether they are being nice or not. Virgo would be higher on the list, but they can fool you.

Virgos are rather critical of everyone, so they may give you the impression that they have negative feelings towards you when they do not. If you are not sure, though, it is safe to ask a Virgo. If asked, Virgos will tell you directly how they feel.

5) Aries

Aries is well known for being bold and direct. Aries would be higher on this list, but like Virgo, you may get a more negative reading from Aries then they actually feel.

Aries is always up for a good fight, so Aries tends to be combative, especially with those they like. Still, before the end of the date, you will get a very good idea of how well it went.

4) Aquarius

Aquarius is generally pretty direct and does not make a lot of effort to disguise their feelings. On the other hand, it is possible to get a false positive reading with an Aquarius. Aquarius is interested in many people and many ideas.

For this reason, Aquarius will listen to you as intently if they completely disagree with you as they will if they agree with you. Still, disagreement alone is never a reason for an Aquarius to reject someone. If an Aquarius did not like you, you will know by the end of the date.

3) Capricorn

Capricorn is no nonsense and usually quite busy with more important things than dating. If a Capricorn has agreed to a date at all, you are generally in good shape.

A date with a Capricorn may feel like more like a job interview than a date, however. Surprisingly enough, this is a good sign. This means that the Capricorn is seriously considering you as someone to get to know better. By the end of the date, it will be quite clear where you stand.

2) Leo

Leo is royalty. Leos have absolutely no reason to disguise or hide their feelings in any way. If you flatter a Leo, however, you may get a more positive reading from you date than is warranted. Still it is usually very clear how a Leo feels.

Leo will not waste their time with you if they do not like you.

1)  Sagittarius

The number one sign that will tell you directly how the date is going in their eyes is Sagittarius. Sagittarius is honest to a fault and is short on social graces.

It will be quite clear if a Sagittarius likes you, and equally clear if they don’t. You are quite safe in taking a Sagittarius at face value.

How Zodiac Signs Communicates On A First Date

These 6 Zodiac Signs will keep you guessing

Now that we have talked about the signs that will be direct and let you know where you stand, let’s talk about the 6 signs that will keep you guessing. These signs have a more indirect communication style, and so are much harder to read.

1) Gemini

Gemini is tricky. Gemini natives always say what they think, or at least what they think at the moment. The problem is that what Gemini thinks today may not be what they think tomorrow or the next day. Unless a date is really going badly, Gemini will be pleasant and friendly.

Gemini will talk with anyone, so the date may go on a long time. Gemini will also likely say they want to meet with you again. The thing is, though, that something else may catch Gemini’s attention between this date and the next, so you can never be sure whether Gemini will actually come for a second or third date.

2) Taurus

Taurus does not talk much, so it is really hard to know where you stand with them. On a date, you will be the one doing most of the talking and sharing. Taurus natives will listen with the same attention and pleasant expression whether they like you or never want to see you again. This is particularly true if you are out to dinner and the food is good.

The only way you will know whether the date went well is if Taurus agrees to a second date before it ends. If a Taurus does not readily agree to a second date, though, all is not lost. Taurus natives take a long time to make up their mind. You may still have a chance.

3) Cancer

Cancer natives are very shy and have a hard time coming out of their shell. Even if a Cancer really likes you, you may still feel like the date is going horribly.

Cancer will give you subtle clues, however. If Cancer likes you, they will start to look after you in subtle ways. They will ask how you are and whether you are enjoying yourself. These little expressions of concern may be the only clues you get that Cancer is finding you attractive.

4) Pisces

Pisces wants to be nice and does not want to hurt anyone’s feelings. Pisces natives will be just as sweet to people they can not stand as people they really like. For this reason, it will be largely impossible to read how your date is going.

The one clue that you will get is if you start asking about a second date and Pisces hesitates. The hesitation may not be rejection. There are lots of reasons Pisces will hesitate, including something like not remembering whether they are supposed to be somewhere else on the date and time you are suggesting. Still, hesitation is always important with Pisces, and it is best to investigate.

Pisces generally can not lie if questioned directly, though, and if you ask the right question, you will get the truth.

5) Scorpio

Scorpio has a well-deserved reputation for secrecy, and it is very difficult to know where you stand with a Scorpio. A Scorpio’s face will be unreadable, and only time will tell how the date went in their eyes.

6) Libra

The number one sign that will leave you guessing is Libra. For Libra, rudeness is the ultimate sin, far worse than dishonesty. Libra has no qualms about out and out lying in the interests of courtesy.

If you ask a Libra for a second date, Libra will always agree. That does not mean Libra will show.

Written by James Hirlehey

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