Why You Should Be Practicing Seated Yoga in the Office

As yoga is a fantastic way to relax, focus and bring your thoughts under control, it makes sense that one of the most beneficial places to practice, is in the office. However, many of us don’t have the luxury of loads of space in which to practice.

There’s also the fact that many people are not comfortable with getting up in front of everyone, rolling out a mat and having the office look on as they practice. Seated Yoga is a fantastic way to practice that targets the areas that will be sorest from being in a seated position and is also much more subtle that practicing full on yoga.

It’s not just for the office either. Seated yoga has been a blessing when I have been on long bus or plane journeys and I need to release the build up of energy. It’s also a great conversation starter as well. Once people get over the initial surprise of me flopping over on my chair, they’re curious about what it is that i’m doing. This often leads to a long conversation about the joys of yoga and occasionally people have even joined in with me. They’ve been delighted with the results as we all know how sore and achy we can get when we’re crammed in to small areas for long journeys!

There are a number of poses that you can carry out from a seated position, many asanas you can adapt to suit your needs. To help you find a routine that works for you, here’s a video from the Chopra Center that includes a 20 minute Chair Yoga Flow that will stretch out your legs, arms, chest, hip and spine. Perfect for when you need to ease out the kinks on a particularly stressful day!

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