Why is the wedding ring worn on the fourth finger?

According to Chinese Legend, there is a beautiful explanation as to why.

You see, each of the digits on your hand represent a person, or group of people.

  • The Thumb – Represents your Parents
  • Your Second Finger (Index) – Represents your Siblings
  • Your Middle Finger – Represents Yourself
  • Your Fourth Finger – Represents your Life Partner
  • Your Little Finger – Represents your children.


Now the Chinese Legend is based on this action. Open your palms face to face, bend you middle fingers inward and hold them together so they are back to back. Lastly open all remaining fingers and thumbs and press them together tip to tip – As demonstrated in the picture below:

This little known legend will astound you

Now the fun part;

  • Your Middle fingers representing the self, will always stay firmly together, you can never escape from being yourself.
  • Try to separate your thumbs – representing parents. They will separate because parents are not destined to stay with us forever and we are destined to part ways.
  • Join your thumbs together and now separate you Index Fingers -representing siblings. These too will open as your brothers and sisters will leave to begin their own families, leading their own separate lives.
  • Join your Index fingers together again and now separate your little fingers – representing your Children. These will separate because as they grow older your Children will eventually fly the nest and make their own way in the world.
  • Return your index fingers back together.
  • Lastly, try to separate your ring fingers – representing your life partner. You can’t! Life partners remain together throughout life, inseparable – like the fingers, hence why the wedding ring is placed on this finger!


Pretty amazing huh! Make sure you try this out. It’s also a pretty cool party piece so make sure you let your friends know, particularly the ones about the be married, why the wedding ring is placed onto the fourth finger. They’ll be amazed too!


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