Have you ever asked yourself, What is the best way to start your day? If you find yourself groggy and unproductive, then this could come down to the type of Morning routine that you have. So what should you be doing? Below are habits you can incorporate into your daily routing that will set you up for a perfect day.

What is the Best Way to Start your Day?

Get Up An Hour Earlier

Yep, get up 1 whole hour earlier than you need to. This is tough, believe me I know. It was difficult for the first week, but once i settled into it, it became my favourite part of the day! It’s a fantastic way to let your body and mind fully wake before putting it through the rush of a work day, and it also gives you plenty of time to accomplish the following 7 Tasks.

Avoid screens for at least an hour

The bright lights that accompany phone and television screens, really throw off our circadian rhythms and this is as disorientating when we wake up as it is unproductive to falling asleep. Avoid the temptation to check your emails or stick on the TV in the background for at least an hour after getting up.

Be Grateful

The practice of being grateful is enormously beneficial in gaining a positive mindset. Take some time to acknowledge the people and things in your life that you are grateful for. You can say this aloud, in your head or write it down. Whatever works best for you. Simply acknowledging that we are grateful and feel lucky is humbling and allows us to tackle the rest of the day with a more positive attitude.


Now you’ve acknowledged all that you are grateful for in your life its time to affirm your own goals. Affirmations are short sentences that we repeat to ourselves in order to chase away negative self talk, and align ourselves with our goals and ambitions. You can create your own by simply focusing on what you are trying to achieve. For some help on this, check out our article on How to create your own positive affirmations.

Meditate and Do Some Yoga

Some people recommend a work out, first thing in the morning. However, in keeping with letting your body and mind come to full fruition gently, I find it much more beneficial to meditate and do a yoga sequence, and save the workout until lunchtime. Meditation will focus your mind and chase away the last remnants of sleep. Yoga will stretch out your unused muscles, gently invigorating your body and you can move to more advanced Asana’s as you move through your sequence. If you’re unsure in these areas then don’t worry, here’s an article on How to Start Meditating and one on Beginner Yoga Poses. Lastly, waiting until lunchtime to carry out a more intense workout means you’ll get a good burst of endorphins which can chase away the grogginess we can sometimes experience in the afternoon!

Eat A Healthy Breakfast

It’s rather Cliche to point out that breakfast is the most important meal of the day… but it really is! You wan’t to kick off your day by consuming the most healthy food that you can. Excellent choices are Eggs, Oats with honey and greek yogurt, fruits like grapefruit, bananas, kiwi, blueberries or watermelon, flaxseed, and Smoothies. Combine some of these every morning to get a breakfast that’s full of nutrition.

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