What If We Treated Physical Illnesses Like Mental Illnesses?

Anyone one who has suffered from a mental illness and in particular, depression or anxiety, can tell you that they’ve met plenty of people who don’t see mental illness in the same way as they do a physical one. The truth is that mental illnesses are just as debilitating and unfortunately people not seeing it as such, can make the sufferer feel even worse; and they contemplate why they can’t shake themselves from it, or worse, that they’re imposing on other people.

If you suffer from a mental illness then you’ll identify with the below infographic designed by Robot Hugs that depicts people reacting to physical illnesses as they would with mental ones.

Horrific and a little ridiculous right?

Now, this post isn’t written to blame people for saying the wrong things. In the vast majority of cases people think that they are being supportive and don’t realise the effect that their words can have.

That’s why this illustration is so hard hitting. It’s a good read if you’re trying to support someone who is dealing with a mental illness. You wouldn’t tell someone who had just broken their leg to “Get up and walk it off”, neither should you say this to someone who has difficulty in getting up and facing the day.

What someone who is suffering from a mental illness is a quiet strength and support. The knowledge that someone is there and that when they’re ready, they’ll be able to rely on you. It’s more your presence that will help rather than anything you can say. If there was a sentence or phrase that could lift someone from their suffering, believe me, they’d know about it and have you saying it to them all the time! Be a friend, and most of all, be patient.

What If We Treated Physical Illnesses Like Mental Illnesses?

What If We Treated Physical Illnesses Like Mental Illnesses? by Robot Hugs

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