89-year-old Bryan Sperry scores touchdown in KU football alumni game…

This Video will light up the day of anyone! Bryan Sperry, who played for KU (after returning from World War II) from 1946-48, scored a 42 Yard touchdown with the help of some fantastic blockers and his agility to dodge the incoming, flying tackles!

“All the guys, they did a great job there,” Sperry said. “They helped me out every way they could.”

Saturday was the first time in a long time that Sperry had attempted to run, we think he did just fine! And so did his teammates…

“I give him all props,” Steven Johnson (Former KU Linebacker) said, “because when I’m 89, I hope I can do the same thing.”

So do we all Steven!


Check out the full video below!

Article First Seen on CJ Online

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