This Man Risks His Life To Prove A Law Of Physics

Physicist Andreas Wahl knows that things rotate faster when they approach a central point. This effect is a fundamental property of physics called centripetal force that was first described in the 17th century by Sir. Isaac Newton.

Based on this, Andreas had no problem in letting himself be dropped from a height of 14 metres, attached to a rope with only a kettle bell on the end.

Did it work? Did the rotation stop Andreas from plummeting to the ground? You’ll have to watch and see…


You can watch the uncut footage from the experiment here.

Disclaimer from Life On The Line: The experiments shown in “Life On The Line” are conducted without any other safety than what appears in the videos. The experiments have been thoroughly tested in advance, in close consultation with professional personnel. To recreate or otherwise attempt to repeat the experiments can be fatal and is strongly discouraged.

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