This Grandmother is on a Mission to Combat Litter

Every day, 80 year old Larie McKeever pulls on her orange safety vest, grabs a couple of trash bags, and takes a three-mile walk along Golf Course Road in Crystal Lake, Illinois. She picks up all the pieces of litter and garbage she finds along the way.

“I try to leave the house as soon as it’s light outside,” Larie told the Northwest Herald. “But if I open my door and it’s pouring down rain, I won’t walk. Then again, if it starts raining while I’m on my walk, I won’t turn back.”

Larie comments on the kinds of things she has stumbled across. Of course, there’s your regular litter, but she’s also stumbled across credit cards and drivers licenses which she turns in, and aluminium cans that she brings to be recycled.

You might be astounded to know that, according to Keep America Beautiful, the average mile of roadway in the Unites States has over 6,500 pieces of litter on it!

Larie is on a mission to fight this and helping to keep her surrounding area clean is also doing wonders for her health. Larie suffers from a condition known as aortic stenosis which means that one of the valves out of her heart doesn’t work quite right. These walks are essential for her health but going the extra mile to pick up the litter on the way is just down to walks her and her father used to take when she was little, where they too would pick up any litter they would come across.

“I think about my dad a lot when I’m walking,” Larie told the Northwest Herald. “I think about how proud he would be that I’m still picking up litter, all these years later.”

It’s an amazing story of selflessness and hopefully one that will inspire more of us to dispose of our litter in a more responsible manner.

Check out the video on Larie below.


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