These Stunning Pictures Will Remind You How Beautiful Nature Is

Moyan Brenn is an award winning photographer, who’s been travelling the world and snapping amazing pictures for over 10 years. His work has been used by some of the biggest publications across the world including Lonely Planet, Adobe and much more, and it’s clear to see why. Moyan’s ability to infuse his photography with colour and emotion make them truly breathtaking shots, that feel like you’re immersed in the vista he’s captured.

Due to the popularity of his images and the ease in which he seems to capture these moments, Moyan has set up his own blog: Earth in Colors providing really useful photography tips and documenting more of his travels and work. His travel articles are really interesting and will make you want to get out on the road and start exploring yourself! We’d definitely recommend checking it out and his Flickr profile here.

1. Sunset in Anzio town


Anzio | Image Copyrights by Moyan Brenn

2. Moonscape inside the valley of Fjallabak, Iceland


Iceland | Image Copyrights by Moyan Brenn

3. Sunset over the ice fragments, Iceland


Iceland | Image Copyrights by Moyan Brenn

4. Aurora Borealis in Southern Iceland


Dream | Image Copyrights by Moyan Brenn

5. Blue Cave in Capri, Italy


Capri | Image Copyrights by Moyan Brenn

6. Antelope canyon


Antelope Canyon | Image Copyrights by Moyan Brenn

7. Isle of Skye in Scotland


Isle of Skye | Image Copyrights by Moyan Brenn

8. The garden of Ninfa, Latina, Italy


Ninfa | Image Copyrights by Moyan Brenn

9. Reflections – Anzio, Italy


Reflections | Image Copyrights by Moyan Brenn

10. Norway


Norway | Image Copyrights by Moyan Brenn

**Please note if you’re sharing any images, Moyan Brenn has allowed this for free under  CC Attr. 2.0 License Terms official page which means you’ll need to add accreditation such as Image Copyrights by Moyan Brenn‘. Please don’t forget if you’re sharing his fantastic work!**

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