The Top 5 Ultimate Adventure Destinations

If lying in the sun, day after day, only moving to reapply your sun cream or to switch tanning sides, sounds like your nightmare holiday; then you might be interested in this list.

If you’re the type of holiday maker that loves adventure, exploration and pushing yourself further than you thought possible then these are the top 5 adventure destinations to meet your needs. After all, life is about making memories, so make some awesome ones!

1. Queenstown | New Zealand

Located on the South Island of New Zealand, Queenstown offers the opportunity of find pretty much any extreme sport you have ever heard of, or not heard of! You can ski down snowcapped mountains in the morning and wakeboard on sunny waters in the afternoon. Queenstown is also the birthplace of the bungee jump, with the first person trusting a bungee in 1988. If you are a lover of adrenaline filled sports and activities then Queenstown is going to be your heaven on earth!

2. Rio de Janeiro | Brazil

There is so much to do in Rio that you’ll be running around trying to fit everything in. Pedro Bonita is famous for Hang gliding down to the São Conrado Beach, showcasing stunning views and fulfilling the thrill seekers needs in one! The city is full of culture and there are plenty of iconic places to visit including the Corcovado Mountain and Christ the Redeemer statue.

3. Kruger National Park | South Africa

By Gwendolyn | Via Flickr

By Gwendolyn | Via Flickr

If you’re a lover of wildlife then there is no better destination for you than Kruger national park in South Africa. You can witness the cycle of life in all it’s natural beauty. An educational trip, you will see animals such as Elephants, Lions, Hyena, Buffalo and much more. With this breathtaking beauty comes the violent nature in survival of the fittest environment. Witnessing how animals live with one another in their natural habitats is an experience you’ll never get from watching them through a screen.

4. Rain Forest | Costa Rica

Costa Rica Canopy Tour | by Kim Sneg

Costa Rica Canopy Tour | by Kim Sneg

The rain forest adventure in Costa Rica is an incredibly experience for the budding adventurer. The canopy tour and zip lining over crocodile infested waters is electrifyingly good. Flying past tree tops alongside vibrant toucans and fluorescent flora is an experience that can’t adequately be put into words. This is the perfect experience of adventure, nature and wildlife.

5. Aeolian Islands, Italy

The Top 5 Ultimate Adventure Destinations

Panarea by Ghost-in-the-shell | via Flickr

This chain of volcanic islands just off the north coast of Sicily, offers plenty for the adventure holiday maker. Sailing and all waterspouts are fantastic and the views you will find are some of the most impressive you will see anywhere. The islands are dotted with history and culture, crumbling fortresses, active volcanic craters and much more. Explore black sand beaches and scuba dive in some of the most incredible waters in the world.

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