The Secret To Happiness Is…

…Choosing to be Grateful

Listing all the things you are grateful for on a regular basis has been proven to increase your happiness. In 2003, researchers gave a group of study participants an assignment to keep a short, weekly list of all the things they were grateful group. They left one group neutral and assigned the last group the task of keeping a list of all things that cause them hassle. After ten weeks, results showed that the first group significant experience greater life satisfaction than the other groups.

Do you keep on track of what you’re grateful for?

You should. Time and time again it has been shown that writing down, speaking or acknowledging the things that we are happy to have in our lives, also increases our happiness. There are many
methods of doing this and it will really come down to what you find suits you best. For example, some people keep a ‘Gratitude Stone’, such as Angelite, which represents gratefulness. This is a stone or crystal that they keep on their person, and at specific times, or when they feel like it, they will hold this stone and speak of at least one thing that they are grateful for.

What Is The Secret To Happiness?

Others write letters to the people in their lives that they are most grateful for. They might not ever send those letters, however by writing down the attributes of the person and why they are thankful, they are acknowledging it and their own happiness increases.

Some people look into a mirror and tell themselves all of the things they are grateful for about their own person. This can be physical, emotional, spiritual or personality attributes etc. Not only is this a fantastic method of increasing happiness, it is also a brilliant way of learning to love your self and increasing self worth and confidence.

Positivity is contagious

Being positive is a catchy emotion. In a famous experiment in 1993, researchers ask subjects to smile for 20 seconds, so much so that they activated the facial muscles aligned to smiling, and not just a half-smile. This activity stimulated the brain activity heavily associated with positive emotions and left them in a positive state. Not only does smiling make you feel better, it’s also disarming for people in a bad mood. In a 2011 study, people were tasked with meeting people in positions of high-power and bad attitude, with gratitude. This response showed a demonstrable reduction in the bad behaviour and really highlights the best way to deal with a negative person, is to give them a blast of positivity.

So what are you grateful for? Take the time today to list all the things in your life you are thankful for. Do this on a regular basis and watch your happiness reach new levels!


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