The Following is an Excerpt from the book ‘The Secret to Creating Your Future‘ by Tad James

The Secret to Creating Your Future

Milon put down his notebook and looked out the window. It was the notebook the Wizard had given him. He was so very lucky, he felt, to have the knowledge of the secret of creating the future. Not many people even knew of it in his land, and he knew that having it made him very fortunate. The endowment of actually deciding what he wanted, and then to put it out in his future was something that he found quite common these days. Not that he took the skill for granted. Most of the people in the land did not even know it was possible to create your future.

Milon saw them complaining about their lack of power in the face of Nature, events, and other people. Milon saw them giving away their power to affect their own futures as well as others’ futures. He saw people riddled with guilt, fear, anxiety, and lack of self control. He saw what he perceived to be their suffering and struggle, he knew his life was so much more comfortable than theirs, and he wondered if he could help them. He knew that while his daily stresses were not totally eliminated, his anxiety about the future was gone, and he knew that he was in control of his life. He knew he had attained that elusive state called “self control.” You see, Milon had the capability of deciding what he wanted, and programming his future in a way so that it happened. And that was that. Whatever he wanted he was able to have.

The Secret to Creating Your Future

Of course he was careful to follow the instructions to the letter. He did not deviate from them. Not one letter. Not one period, or comma. Everything he had learned so very long ago from “The Wizard” he did exactly as instructed. That was just one of the things that Milon was good at doing — following directions. One of the side benefits was that he had even been able to predict events in the future to a certain extent.

In his land self-control was rare. People had not always been so unrestrained in their actions, but in the last three or so generations they had lost some of the discipline that previous generations had revered so highly. This didn’t bother Milon, since he was not particularly judgmental. Milon’s friends, especially Glenda and Flain always commended him on his discipline. Milon did not see it as discipline, however. To him it was just knowing what he wanted, and going after it. But they saw it as something mysterious, and they wanted to know how to do it.

There was nothing mysterious about Programming Your Future, once you knew how to do it. Before you knew the processes and techniques then, perhaps, it seemed mysterious. Then, it seemed like something extremely mysterious. But after you knew how to do it, it was really quite simple.

“The Process” helped, of course: The Process — the information he had learned so very long ago from “the Wizard.” That was the only name he knew. The Wizard. Sounded mysterious. Perhaps more mysterious than it needed to be. Milon had contacted The Wizard during one of his long internal journeys.

Milon was fond of exploring his own internal world, and during one of those journeys, he had met The Wizard, and had been given the process for creating his own future. While the Wizard was teaching Milon how to create his future, he gave Milon the seven frames for creating his future on an old piece of parchment. The Wizard called them the seven frames:

The Secret to Creating Your Future

The Seven Picture Frames

  • The way to have the 1st picture frame is to “Take responsibility for where you are”
  • The way to have the 2nd picture frame is to “Clarify your Values (decide what is important to you)”
  • The way to have the 3rd picture frame is to “Write down what you want”
  • The way to have the 4th picture frame is to “Clean up any past memories not consistent with what you want”
  • The way to have the 5th picture frame is to “Program your future by creating memories for your future Time Line
  • The way to have the 6th frame is to “Align your thoughts with your goals”
  • The way to have the 7th frame is to “Play everything at 100%”


The Wizard then showed him how to affect his personal time record, and the universal time record by making changes in the actual system of how his future was programmed in the Time Line. Milon remembered agonizing over the question of predestination versus free will before learning about the Time Line. But Milon was now certain that what ever was in his Time Line was destined to happen. He was just as certain, however, that he had total control over his Time Line, and what was in it.

Milon’s friends had asked him many times to teach them about what he did with his Time Line when he was programming his future, and he wanted to, but he was not certain yet that it was something that was permitted. The Wizard had not given him permission to teach what he

knew, and even though he knew his friends needed help, his integrity did not permit him to teach it to others until he had permission.

He did want to help his friends, though, since he felt very deeply for them. He loved his friends, of course, and they had become rather insistent. Milon began to wonder if the learning that he had received from the Wizard was something that he could teach to others. He had not learned it in a way that was organized or systematic, and he knew that he had not ever thought of how to organize the material, but he knew that what he had was something that other people just had to learn. The world needed to know what Milon knew just because it made people’s lives so much easier, and better.

The Secret to Creating Your Future

Milon had tried so many times in the past to contact The Wizard again and get permission to share this secret with the world, but to no avail. The Wizard had not answered in quite a while. Milon was not willing to give up, however, and he decided to do something about his desire to give this technique to the world. So, he wrote a goal in the notebook The Wizard had given to him. He wrote it for one week hence, saying, “I have talked to The Wizard, and he has given me permission to teach the secret to the people of the world, so I can help them get rid of their fears, anxiety, guilt, and help them to have more self control, so that they can have what they want in their lives, and be happy.”

Then he closed his eyes, and made a picture of the goal that he had just written of having talked to The Wizard, and stepped into his body, and felt the feelings of having permission. Then he took the picture out to one week, made final adjustments to it, and as he inserted it into his Time Line in the future, he stepped out of his body, so he could see himself in the picture. Having done that, he looked back toward now, and noticed that the events necessary to make the event undeniable were automatically created. He then opened his eyes.

As the week wore on, Milon forgot about the programming he had done, since that was also part of the original instruction. As the time came closer and closer to the one week deadline, Milon was still confident, after all it had always worked before. But still no Wizard. As the clock ticked off the last hour up to the one week deadline, Milon sat down again and began to review what he had done, just to make sure that he had programmed his future in strict accordance with the instructions. He wanted to make sure that he had done everything right.

As he opened his notebook, as if by magic, the words appeared on the page right beneath the goal he had written:

“You alone, Milon, may proceed to share the secret of Creating Your Future with your friends. Show them how to make their lives better. Do this and I will teach you the secrets of how to be the Wizard.”

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