The NASA Guide to Air-filtering Houseplants

Good, clean, filtered air is essential to living a happy and healthy life. have created the following guide, based on research conducted by NASA, to highlight why exactly we need to purify our air, what can be contained in it, and what you can do to address this.

“It won’t surprise you to hear the majority of people spend the bulk of their time indoors, whether it’s at home or working in an office environment. As, such, it’s important to ensure that air quality is of a high standard, something that regular houseplants can help achieve. Back in 1989, NASA conducted a clean air study in associated landscape contractors of America, in an effort to find the most effective common indoor plants for filtering harmful toxins and pollutants from the air. The results have stood the test of time , and the most effective air filtering plants can be found below.”

Take a look through the infographic and if you don’t already have them, it may be time to think of getting some indoor plants for your home and office.



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