The Boy With The Homemade Messi Shirt Is Going To Meet His Idol

The Afghan Football Federation has confirmed that Lionel Messi would like to meet the young Afghan boy who became a star after a picture of him in his homemade jersey went viral.

The five year old was pictures in a jersey fashioned from a plastic bag with Messi  and the number 10 written in pen.

This led to a  worldwide search for the boy, who was eventually identified as Murtaza Ahmadi, as people wanted to gift the boy with a real jersey. It turns out that his older brother fashioned him this jersey because he was so upset about not being able to have a real one. What an awesome brother!



“He kept crying for days asking for the shirt until his brother Homayoun helped him make one from the plastic bag to make him happy,” Said Murtaza’s father. “He stopped crying after wearing that plastic bag shirt.”

The pictures have of course reached the attention of Lionel Messi, whose name was on the jersey, and his club Barcelona. Known for going out of his way with fans, the outcome from this always looked positive but today has been confirmed.

“The management of the Afghan Football Federation has received emails from Lionel Messi and FC Barcelona regarding the meeting,” Syed Ali Kazemi, a federation’s spokesman, said according to Bleacher Report.

In an amazing turn of events, these young boys putting the time into fashioning this homemade jersey has led to Murtaza being flown out to Barcelona so he can meet his hero. We hope that his brother gets invited along as well for the wonderful gesture of making this for his little brother.

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