Wellness is an integral part of life and our smartphones are becoming so as well; so why not combine the two? We all appreciate a little extra boost every now & then, and some of us may be going through difficult times in our lives, where portable help may be a god send.

That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the 10 best free wellness apps. Let us know in the comments if you’d recommend any more!

The 9 Best Free Wellness Apps



Available OniOS & Android
What it Focuses on: Anxiety
Description: Pacifica lets you rate and track mood over time It provides guided deep breathing, muscle relaxation exercises, daily antianxiety experiments, and health goals. You can record your thoughts to help analyze and understand thinking patterns, as well as discover and track possible triggers.

2. Breathe2Relax

Available OniOS & Android
What it Focuses on: Anxiety, anger, mood instability
Description: Developed by the National Center for Telehealth & Technology, this app guides you through diaphragmatic breathing (or “belly breathing”). It also allows you to record your stress levels, and includes informative videos and graphics about the consequences of stress.

3.PTSD Coach


Available OniOS & Android
What it Focuses on: PTSD
Description: This app, designed specifically for veterans from the National Center for PSTD, educates users about PTSD and its treatment. It includes a self-assessment tool, links users up to support groups, and provides stress management tools.

4. Positive Activity Jackpot

Available On: Android only
What it Focuses on: Depression
Description: From the National Center for Telehealth & Technology, this app draws on a therapeutic method called Pleasant Event Scheduling (PES). The app suggests activities based on location and interests, allows users to invite friends, saves favorite spots and activities for future use — and if you can’t choose, you get to “pull the lever” and see what the app sends you.

5. Recovery Record

Available On: iOS & Android
What it Focuses on: Eating disorders
Description: Recovery Record is the highest-rated app for eating disorder recovery. It allows users to keep a food and feeling journal; create customizable meal plans, coping tactics, and goals; track progress through questionnaires, which is visualized on charts; link up to a treatment team and community that can offer real-time feedback and support; and schedule personalized reminders.

6.Relax Melodies


Available On: iOS & Android
What it focuses on: Insomnia, stress
Description: Relax Melodies is the leading personalized sleep aid, including a bank of over 50 sounds and tunes that each user is allowed to mix and customize to their preference, as well as access to the Relax Melodies blog for lifestyle tips on sleeping better.

Available OniOS & Android
What it focuses on: Anxiety, teen- and young-adult-specific
Description: This app is offered at teens and includes strategies for facing anxieties related to socializing and school, with journaling tools, positive thinking exercises, symptom trackers, and relaxation tips.

8. Optimism



Available OniOS only
What it focuses on: Depression, bipolar disorder
Description: This app tracks moods, providing space to keep daily records of symptoms, triggers, and “stay well strategies,” and then visualizes that data with graphs.

9. Meeting Finder

Available On: iOS & Android
What it focuses on: Eating disorders, addiction, compulsion
Description: This app links users up to local 12-step meetings anywhere in the U.S. (e.g, Alcoholics Anonymous, Overeaters Anonymous, Gamblers Anonymous) and allows users to search with specific parameters (like women/men only) as well as save favourite spots. It also tracks the length of your recovery and provides daily meditations.

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