The Virgo is a very intelligent person, being all about the mind and expanding it’s intelligence. They are calm and collected on the outside, but inside they are fighting a nervous intensity to understand everything, improve all that they see and provide deep analysis.

The mind is constantly working and the need to constantly improve and perfect can be very tiring.

Due to their draw to perfection, Virgo’s can be quite picky, but this is only because they want something to be the best that it can be. Why do something, or create something, when it could have been done better in the first place?

Virgo’s are honest and pure, they never go behind someones back even though they’re drive for success is huge. They would much rather get there on their own merit, rather than stabbing someone in the back, or god forbid, taking credit for someone else idea! Logical and great thinkers, if you know someone who is thoughtful and greatly intelligent, chances are they’re a Virgo.


  • Virgo Symbol: The Virgin
  • Virgo Element: Earth
  • Virgo Ruler: Mercury
  • Virgo Colour: Navy Blue
  • Virgo Numbers: 3, 5
  • Virgo Gemstone: Sapphire
  • Virgo Strengths: Reliable, Analytical, Helpful, Precise, Observant
  • Virgo Weaknesses: ColdSkeptical, Interfering, Fussy, Inflexible
  • Virgo Celebrities: Leo Tolstoy, Sophia Loren, Lauren Bacall, Johann Bach, Ingrid Bergman, Sean Connery,  H. G. Wells, Jimmy Connors, Queen Elizabeth I, Gloria Estefan, Johann Wolfgang Goethe, D. H. Lawrence, Keanu Reeves

Profile of a VirgoStar Sign Profiles: Virgo

Virgo’s are very independent, using their innate intelligence to accomplish whatever they set out to do. This intelligence also converts into resourcefulness, meaning they rarely have to ask anyone else for their help. Sometimes this narrow mindedness stifles their own creativity and they end up in a career, which they master quickly and become bored of.

Virgo’s have a habit of living in the past, the constantly analyse past events and see what improvements could have been made or how they could have done things differently. This causes them to not be fully in the present, and inhibits their ability to move forward in life. Very often it can be like having a conversation with a black wall, as the Virgo has retreated into their own minds, deep in thought.

When you become friends with a Virgo, you’ll find them to be loyal, trustworthy and determined. However, initially you may find them a little cold. This is down to the fact that they spend so much time in their heads, that they don’t outwardly display emotion very well. They’re not being cold towards you at all, its just the latest conundrum they’re trying to work through. Virgo’s can sometimes come across as a little controlling as they tell you how they would act in your shoes. But this is because of their need to improve things, and what you see is meddling, they see as helpful advice.

Virgo’s are known for their intelligence, having excellent memories and highly analytical minds, making them excellent scientists, investigators or researchers. They can probe into a persons emotions and discover motive, where no one else might see it. They are highly logical and excellent problem solvers. Being rational thinkers, they are also very good at breaking up others disputes, preferring to keep the world in order.

Virgo’s aren’t spontaneous, preferring to sit back and analyse a situation from all angles before committing. This can sometimes make them seem indecisive. They can be out of touch with their own feelings, in that they are so concentrated on thought that they ignore the other aspects of their bodies. If they can learn to become as intone with their emotions as they are with their thoughts, Virgo will become very happy indeed.

The need for organisation is paramount to the Virgo and sometimes they spend too much time organising their thoughts that their surroundings become messy. This is not good as it effects them without their knowing. They should always strive to surround themselves with a tidy environment as a cluttered environment, can lead to a cluttered mind! The habit of overanalysing can hold a Virgo back and they need to learn that their is a cut off point. That at a certain point you just have to draw a line under an event and move on. If they can learn to do this, they will begin to live life more fully.

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