Scorpios are very deep and intense people, being known as the sign of extremes; there is always more than meets the eye. You may think that the Scorpio is unemotional or detached, however beneath the surface they are filled with an intense passion and persistent drive. Naturally curious, don’t be alarmed if the Scorpio asks you lots of questions. They love to delve deeper into things and really understand what’s going on. They have to know ‘Why’ and not knowing can drive them to distraction.

Dominant and in control, Scorpios have no time for people who play games, they prefer to be straight to the point – with no messing about. They treat their friends with amazing kindness, respect, loyalty and generosity and have the ability to draw people towards them. They are secretive and mysterious people that others can’t help but want to be around.

  • Scorpio Symbol: The Scorpion
  • Scorpio Element: Water
  • Scorpio Ruler: Pluto
  • Scorpio Colour: Red
  • Scorpio Numbers: 2, 4
  • Scorpio Gemstone: Topaz
  • Scorpio Strengths: Dynamic, Loyal, Resourceful, Observant, Passionate
  • Scorpio Weaknesses:  Suspicious, Jealous, Obsessive, Stubborn, Manipulative
  • Scorpio Celebrities: Marie Antoinette, Prince Charles, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Marie Curie, Jodie Foster, Bill Gates, Katharine Hepburn, John Keats, Robert F. Kennedy, Vivian Leigh, George Patton, Pablo Picasso, Julia Roberts, Theodore Roosevelt, Winona Ryder, Sam Shepard, Ted Turner

Profile of a ScorpioStar Sign Profiles: Scorpio

Scorpios are one of the most independent of all the signs. They rely on their own resourcefulness and when they put their minds to something, they won’t give up until they achieve it. They’re not as social as some of the other signs, being more introverted, however their mysterious nature draws others in to find out whats really going on beneath their controlled exterior.

Relationships with a Scorpio can be complicated. They can move from being laughing and joking, to moody in a matter of heartbeats. They can also be possessive of their partners, fearing that they will lose them to someone else. Scorpios do not forgive easily and when they have been hurt in previous relationships they find it very difficult to bring trust into new ones. However, a kind word, romantic gesture and lots of appreciation goes down well with Scorpio and if you keep in mind to other them reassurance on a regular basis, you will find they are much happier and less jealous because of it. Make them know that they are the centre of your attention.

Scorpios love honesty, so never try to get one over on them. They will know and they will remember. Being a good friend to Scorpio means you will get an amazing friend back in return. They have big hearts and care a great deal about those who are closest to them. They are incredibly loyal and will go to the ends of the earth to help out a loved one in need.

Good career paths for a Scorpio include Entrepreneurs, doctors and scientists. In fact they are suited to any career that makes a real difference in the world, boosts society and allows them to be in a position of power. They are great leaders and make very good business decisions, being conservative spenders they also find it easy to accumulate wealth. However, they are not flashy about it compared to other signs and prefer that people have no idea of how wealthy they actually are.

Scorpios are incredibly ambitious and driven, and this can sometimes come across as controlling. However, scorpios just see this as the passion they need to invest in something to make sure it is a huge success. They never give up, but they’re not inflexible, being more than happy to adapt their approach in order to make it work. They work of facts and research rather than gut instinct and need to be in an environment that is organised and in order.

Being very intense and passionate innately, the Scorpio can be very misunderstood by other signs who see them as controlling or domineering. They have a inherent drive that is alien to most other signs, and their need to be a success pushes them to pursue the goals whole heartedly.

Although they seem cool on the exterior, Scorpios are actually very emotional people. They are continuously trying to understand their own emotions and the injustice that they see in the world drives them to make a difference. The best path a Scorpio can go down is the one they feel has the most purpose. In this way they can steer they unique determination into something that will not only benefit them, but countless others.

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