Sagittarius are naturally optimistic and have a positive outlook on life. This outlook attracts good fortune and other signs often grumble about how lucky the Sagittarius is. The truth is that because of their openness and enthusiasm, they’re more likely to stumble across opportunities than others. Sagittarius are free and hate to be confined. they artful of curiosity and crave adventure, never letting past experiences that might not have gone so well, hold them back.

Because of their nature to jump straight into things, other people can see the Sagittarius as being reckless. They just don’t know how to stop looking for that next big thrill! They are also quite detached from themselves emotionally and you will find it is nigh on impossible to get a Sagittarius to talk about their feelings.


  • Sagittarius Symbol: The Archer
  • Sagittarius Element: Fire
  • Sagittarius Ruler: Jupiter
  • Sagittarius Colour: Purple
  • Sagittarius Numbers: 5, 7
  • Sagittarius Gemstone: Turquoise
  • Sagittarius Strengths: Independent, Generous, Honest, Daring, Confident
  • Sagittarius Weaknesses:  Argumentative, Unemotional, Blunt
  • Sagittarius Celebrities: Mark Twain, Maria Callas, Walt Disney, Andrew Carnegie, Winston Churchill, Frank Sinatra, Dick Clark, Emily Dickinson, Joe DiMaggio, Bette Midler, Jane Fonda, Richard Pryor, Tina Turner

Profile of a SagittariusStar Sign Profiles: Sagittarius

Super independent, the Sagittarius welcomes adventure with open arms. They are avid travellers, often travelling all corners of the earth in search of excitement. Freedom is a hugely important aspect to them and they will highly reject anyone who tries to control them to hold them back.

Sagittarius make fantastic friends due to their positive and kind nature. They will do anything to make sure those closest to them are happy and never expect anything in return. Refreshingly, they are neither possessive nor jealous, treating people with the freedom that they expect back in return. They have an excellent sense of humour and are not afraid to speak their minds. You might have a friend who is prey good at telling you the ‘truth’ whether you want to hear it or not. There’s a good chance that this person is a Sagittarius. They are very transparent and don’t see the point in hiding anything or playing games. This makes them very likeable as people pick up on their honesty right away.

Being the life and soul of their social groups, Sagittarius make natural entertainers and have no shortage of ideas when to comes to ‘wowing’ people. They’re great storytellers, writers, philosophers and artists, being particularly fond of careers where they can work on a freelance basis, so as not to become tied down. They detest the routine 9-5 kind of jobs, becoming bored incredibly quickly and yearning for adventure. Sagittarius like nothing more that knowing that no two days will be the same and should take this into account when choosing a career.

The Sagittarius isn’t grumpy or moody however when they are bored, they become very irritable. All they want to do is to be able to live life as the free spirits that they are. It may be hard for a partner of a Sagittarius to understand this need to never settle, and some might see it as an avoidance of commitment. However, your life with a Sagittarius will never be dull and if you can open up to letting adventure into your life, then the two of you will be very happy indeed.

Sagittarius rarely speak about how they are feeling but don’t think they are ‘unfeeling’. They can be easily hurt by people being selfish or trying to control them. The danger here is that instead of the Sagittarius letting you know that they are hurt, they might just take off instead; their natural sunny disposition returning as soon as they’re back on the open road again.

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