Gemini’s are quick, witty and very clever with words. They are highly intelligent people who are quick to adapt to any kind of situation that comes their way. Not one’s to sit back and watch the world go by, Gemini’s want to be fully involved, right in the thick of it.

This can make them sometimes come across as being a bit nosy, as they inquire about anything and everything, to make sure they’re not missing out. However, this isn’t the case at all – the Gemini is really interested in what’s going on with you. They are excellent communicators, having the gift of the gab, are not afraid to speak their minds and are the most social of all the signs.

  • Gemini Symbol: The Twins
  • Gemini Element: Air
  • Gemini Ruler: Mercury
  • Gemini Colour: Yellow
  • Gemini Numbers: 5, 9
  • Gemini Gemstone: Pearl
  • Gemini Strengths: Witty, Energetic, Adaptable, Imaginative, Clever
  • Gemini Weaknesses: – Indecisive, Superficial, Devious, Impulsive, Restless
  • Gemini celebrities: W.B Yeats, Marilyn Monroe, Bob Dylan, Clint Eastwood, Judy Garland, Bob Hope, Tom Jones, John F. Kennedy, Henry Kissinger, Brooke Shields, Queen Victoria, Richard Wagner, Walt Whitman, Ralph Waldo Emerson

Profile of a GeminiStar Sign Profiles: Gemini

The need for change and freedom is incredibly important to the Gemini. They are very independent people and their sense of freedom is essential for their mental wellbeing. Their need for adventure makes them very exciting to be around and they make a lasting impression on everyone they meet.

Don’t be surprised if you don’t hear from them in a while, they are prone to disappearing and not great with checking in! They are however, very generous and will share anything they have. Remember, even though they seem like the life and soul of the party, Gemini’s always need time from themselves too.

Due to a gemini’s flightiness, they have a habit of leaving a trail of unfinished projects behind them. They are extremely clever, but their inability to focus on one thing or place stops them from getting as far ahead as they potentially could. They do make great bosses however, inspiring and motivating teams, always on hand with a clever comeback and have the ability to communicate instructions well.

Sometimes Gemini’s can be described as superficial. They are quick to judge people on first impressions and if they don’t like what they see, they will rarely take the time to delve deeper. Gemini’s are quite insecure and, only when in their own company, can retreat into moodiness and discouragement. This lends to the dual personality aspect of the gemini, both sides of their personality’s being almost opposite to one another.

In company, their moods can change rapidly as well, which can be confusing with friends to keep up with. However, generally they prefer people to see them as being happy and bury any feelings that are different. Make sure to check in with your Gemini friends from time to time.

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