Capricorns are very ambitious and they are always in the pursuit of a big, important goal. Being incredibly patient, they have the ability to wait a long time and work hard to get there. They like to make sure everything is planned carefully and sometimes this can males them seem indecisive. However, that is not the case, rather they are so focussed on the end goal that they analyse everything to make sure they stay on the right path to achieving it.

With strong powers of concentration and an active mind, Capricorns never take unnecessary risks or jump into something without knowing all the facts. Their one track minds can make them seem that they are uncaring or that they are entirely career focussed. However they are very vulnerable and fear letting people in too much, using the focus of their careers lets them pretend that’s what’s really going on.

  • Capricorn Symbol: The Goat
  • Capricorn Element: Earth
  • Capricorn Ruler: Saturn
  • Capricorn Colour: Dark Green & Dark Blue
  • Capricorn Numbers: 2, 8
  • Capricorn Gemstone: Garnet
  • Capricorn Strengths: Ambitious, Resourceful, Loyal, Responsible, Patient
  • Capricorn Weaknesses:  Bossy, Conceited, Distrustful, Unimaginative
  • Capricorn Celebrities: David Bowie, Paul Cezanne, Benjamin Franklin, Mel Gibson, Cuba Gooding, Jr., Alexander Hamilton, Joan of Arc, Martin Luther King, Jr., Henri Matisse, Richard Nixon, Edgar Allen Poe, Elvis Presley, Joseph Stalin, Mao Tse-tung

Profile of a CapricornStar Sign Profiles: Capricorn

The Capricorn is an incredibly independent person, fearing to put too much trust in people in case they mess up their grand plans. They like to do everything themselves and make poor delegators. They are string people and will always help their friends when they’re in need. However they are practical rather than Overly emotive, meaning they are much more likely to help you devise a grand plan to get back on your feet rather than offering the words of encouragement you might be looking to hear.

They are however full of mystery and other people find this intriguing. There is always something going on in their minds and they rarely venture to let anyone else know what it is. Their personality’s are focussed on career and leadership and they only ever want to be the best at what they attempt.

However, in order to lead successfully the Capricorn has to learn that having a good team around you is essential and that not everything can be down by one person. They can be quite creative in the grand schemes that they come up with. They are also good with money and are always thinking in the long term.

Capricorns can sometimes come across as being quite stern, but this is only due to the fact that they lead lives governed by responsibility and self-discipline. They don;t take daring chances and aren’t spontaneous at all. They might come across as boring but their end goals are actually quite daring, they just feel that they don;t have time to do anything else until they achieve what it is that they set out to do.

Sometimes, a capricorn might come across as controlling due to the way they like to control environments and situations. What they see as offering helpful advice to someone on structuring their life, can be seen by others as over stepping the mark. Capricorns see in black and white and very rarely see in shades of grey. Things are right or wrong and this can make them stubborn and close minded to others when they offer up a different way of doing something.

Capricorns can seem controlling, stubborn and pretentious but deep inside they have an overwhelming sense of being unworthy that they feel the need to constantly prove their worth. This lack of self-esteem also leads to their need for structure and intense ambition, more to prove that they can do it for themselves that for the benefit anyone else.

If a capricorn can learn to be a bit more laid back and work on their confidence, they quite often lighten up and find life to be a much happier affair. Their ongoing inner conflicts are deep and real and if they can resolves the warring inside of themselves, then they will gain a level of success in this life that they never imagined possible.

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