We all have days where we feel like our mind just isn’t functioning properly. We’re slow to take in new information, need instructions repeated several times, or catch ourselves trying to start our car with our morning snack, keys no where to be found.

What’s with that?

Some days we can do destructive things that limit the way our minds function, even for days afterwards. Routines like getting the correct amount of sleep, eating well and getting enough exercise are pretty much a given, but what about smaller things that could be preventing us from operating properly?

Here are 3 simple routines you can incorporate into your day that will allow your mind to be fully alert and get rid of the slow and sluggish days, once and for all!

3 Simple Ways to Nourish Your Mind

Drink 500ml of Water & Lemon as soon as you wake up

This has several benefits. We can get pretty dehydrated during the night and dehydration in itself is a big cause of the body acting ‘slow’. Most people simply grab their morning coffee, or a little juice and carry on, but how is that replacing the fluids your body is shouting out for?

Drinking 500ml of water, preferably at room temperature, fully rehydrates you and allows you brain to fully wake up.

The addition of lemon also gives you a dose of vitamin C and kickstarts your metabolism for the day, waking your body too! Did you know if you don’t eat for 12 hours, your metabolism works 40% slower than it’s supposed to? This kicks it in action while you’re waiting to grab your breakfast.

Take a Nap

Many recent reports have stated that the 8 hour sleep routine we’ve currently settle into is unnatural. You can feel it yourself!  You’re in the office, lunch has come and gone and you’re counting down the minutes until you can leave again. You’re not taking in any information and are unmotivated, the keyboard starts to look like an enticing place to rest your head, and the keys feel so soft….

You get the picture. There comes a time in the afternoon where we all get that little slump. This seems to be between 6-8 hours after we first wake up. Napping refreshes the mind, improves information intake and rapidly increases productivity.

Cut Out Sugar

I know it sounds drastic, but sugar has massively detrimental effects on our minds and bodies. As a race, we have never consumed sugar as much as we do now. What’s worse is, it’s hidden in loads of foods too! So you might think you’re being good foregoing the pastries, but the chances of sugar being present in any processed foods you’ve bought are huge.

Sugar induces highs and crashing lows. You may feel alert temporarily afterwards, but the come down afterwards takes a massive toll on the brain and usually leaves you in a worse position than you were in before.

As with anything you’re used to, it’s hard just to imagine giving it up completely. Start small and reduce gradually. Swap out foods that contain sugar with healthier options, start preparing your own foods from ingredients and start paying attention to the sugar content contained in foods. Once you do, you’ll be shocked!

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