Research Shows Lovers Hearts Beat in Sync

Research conducted by Emilio Ferrer, a UC Davis psychology professor found that couples heart rate and breathing rates were in sync.

The research was carried out in a series of studies involving couples in a romantic relationship being hooked up to heat rate monitors and respirators in order to measure the results. Researchers conducted a number of exercises including sitting 32 couples a few feet from one another in a quiet room. The couples could not speak to each other or touch.

“We’ve seen a lot of research that one person in a relationship can experience what the other person is experiencing emotionally, but this study shows they also share experiences at a physiological level,” Ferrer said.

In another one of the exercises, the couples were asked to sit across from each other and this time mimic each other, but still not speak. The results were similar.

Then the researchers mixed up the couples, pairing people with strangers. This time their heart rates showed no synchronicity, nor did their breathing patterns closely match.

Interestingly, it was also discovered that it was the women who tended to adjust to the rhythms of their partners more. This was not only true for the physiological experiments nut also other emotional experiments that were carried out at the same time.

“In other words, we found that women adjust in relationship to their partners,” said Jonathan Helm, a UC Davis psychology doctoral student and primary author of the study. “Her heart rate is linked to her partner’s. I think it means women have a strong link to their partners — perhaps more empathy.”

Try It For Yourself

You can also carry out this simple experiment at home. Sit down facing your partner and gaze into each others eyes for 2-3 minutes. Then each of you place one hand on the others heart and your other hand on your own. You should be able to feel your hearts begin to beat in unison!



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