What exactly is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is an awareness in an individual, that allows them to pay special attention to what is going on around them. It allows people to smartly face challenges in their everyday lives. People who are mindful, have some unique qualities such as;

  • They always focus on incidents as they occur, in the present moment.
  • They deliberately concentrate on all things that occur around them.
  • They do not think anything about the future and are not encumbered by thoughts of the past. What if’s etc, do not come into their heads at all.
  • They view the world in a non-judgemental fashion. Things happen and that’s ok. Jumping to conclusions and apportioning blame doesn’t help any situation and a mindful person knows that

There are many benefits of mindfulness. It allows you to live life fully and by bringing your thoughts to the present; you do not waste time by living in the future and past. You experience moments as they happen.

Other benefits include:Why You Should Practice Mindfulness

Increases Your Level of Happiness

This is one of the most important benefits of being mindful.

It makes it easier for you to enjoy the pleasures that occur in your present day life. Oftentimes we’re too caught up in other things to really notice what’s going on around us.

You will be able to focus on your activities and be able to face adverse situations in a smart way. You will also find it easier to build good connections with people as you won’t be as distracted as you might have been before. Engaging fully in a conversation and listening is a great way to make new friends.

Improves your physical health

Mindfulness has many benefits on our physical bodies, not just our minds. Some of the physical benefits you can expect are:

  • Help you to get rid of stress.
  • Lower the blood pressure in your body.
  • Enable you to enjoy a great sleep.
  • Help you get rid gastrointestinal issues.
  • Prevent various heart diseases.
  • Many, many more!

Improves your mental health

Mindfulness is being taken more seriously by mental health professionals with recent studies showing that it is just as effective as anti-depressants. Mindfulness can help with:

  • Ease in coping with depression.
  • Ease in coping with Eating Disorders.
  • Prevent conflicts with other people, which can lead to instances of anxiety.
  • Eases all types of mental anxiety.
  • Allows you to analyse your thoughts in a non-judgemental way. This stops you from being too hard on yourself, wallowing in regrets & What if’s. These leads to an overall calmer sense of mind.

These are just some of the benefits a person will experience though mindfulness. People remark on how many areas mindfulness actually improves once they start practicing it.

The only way for you to fully appreciate the art, and learn about all the benefits, is to start experiencing it yourself!

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