Overcoming Stress with Feng Shui

Many of us will agree that the pursuit of harmony in our lives is all the more difficult with the fast pace of our every day lives. Meeting deadlines, getting kids to school, keeping on top of bills etc. All the expectations and demands can build up and bring stress, tension & anxiety into our lives. Meditation is an active way of removing stress and highly successful; but what about more passive ways to put stress removal techniques into place?

Turning your home into a sanctuary via the art of Feng Shui is a sure fire way to have stress removal working continuously in the background. Feng Shui is all about harnessing positive energy which counteracts the negative energy associated with Stress and Tension. By using the basic principles of Feng Shui, you can identify the problems of your physical environment and remove them. Once Feng Shui has been applied in the home and/or office, your personal energy levels will rise and stress and tension will lift. It’s essential then to learn the correct way to go about implementing Feng Shui in order to gain the benefits of Stress removal.

“In it’s highest and purest form, good feng shui signifies perfect alignment between inner and outer worlds.” ― Lada Ray

A life that is filled with an unfocussed and restless energy, combined with clutter and dissorganisation leads to a stress filled environment. If you allow too much stress to build in your life then it will eventually transfom into physical symptoms in the body. Stress releases a specific hormone known as cotisol into the body. Too much of this can lead to heart disease and other chronic illnesses. It can also affect the immune system, leading to an increase in smaller illnesses such as colds & flu.

Overcoming Stress with Feng Shui

Of course you want to avoid this, no one wants to become overwhelmed by stress. A leading factor of stress removal is getting the correct amount of restful sleep. Feng Shui will allow you to correctly harmonise the bedroom so that you can get a deep sleep and wake up well rested and refreshed. Check out this Guide on the Best Feng Shui Bedroom Layout.

Feng Shui is all about getting the maximum amount of positive energy and letting it flow unobstructed around your home. This counteracts the negative energy we are constantly faced with, that leads to stress and anxiety. This stress saps the life energy from you and makes it hard to feel positive. Use Feng Shui to restore these energy levels and create a positive environment that you will love to spend time in.

Learning how to place objects and arrange your spatial environment will help in all areas of life. A Feng Shui home leads to a stress free life. Not only will your home become a balanced and harmonious place, so will your life and you will be free to truly enjoy the experiences that come with it.



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