Want to achieve success in professional life? – Check out these basic office feng shui tips

Success in your professional life can be heightened by surrounding your environment with positive energy in your place of work. Office Feng Shui is one of the best possible ways to enhance this positive energy within the working environment. With the help of this traditional Chinese art you will be able to get motivated and gain the power to focus more, in order to gain success in the professional life.

Basic Tips for achieving Office Feng Shui:

There are many elements of Feng Shui that will be specific to you. However there are also some general guidelines you can follow in order to build the positive Chi within the office.

  1. Clear out the clutter

This is the first point of call when attempting office feng shui. Just by removing all items that are not essential you will be able to gain lots of energy and mental strength in order to face various challenges in a smart way. You should always try to establish a specific working style that will enable you to maintain your office clutter free. A cluttered desk is the sign of a cluttered mind so not only will you be boosting positive energy, you’ll also me able to tackle your work in a more mindful way.

  1. Use Inspirational art work

Another tip to increase Office Feng Shui, is to surround yourself with art work and images that will inspire you. This will also enable you to become more productive and creative. You must include furniture and various accessories that will motivate you to achieve success and prosperity in your professional life. Make sure to keep objects around you that will constantly remind you about your ultimate goals in life.

  1. Place the desk properly

This is a major point to take into consideration while organizing the office according to Feng Shui guidelines. Make sure to place the desk in such a place that allows you to view the maximum part of the room. You must also be able to see the door of the room when seated on your office chair. Do not put your desk directly in line with the door, instead move it to a diagonal position. Do not sit with a window directly behind you and try not to position the desk directly between the door and any windows. Also, if you have any other doors in the office, keep them closed as much as possible.

  1. Choose suitable colors for the office

Colors can provide a great impact on your mental and physical well being. This is as much as the case with office feng shui as it is from a psychological perspective. It is wise to choose colors according to Feng Shui guidelines. Some of the unique colors that can be chosen for the office are pale gold, sandstone, pale green, soft yellow and pale orange. You should choose colors that will enable you to focus on your work in an effective way. Click here from more our article on Feng Shui Colors.


Finally, you should always consider using Office Feng Shui furniture that will help you to get rid of stress in an effective way. It’s wise to add some soft music to minimize the level of stress and become successful in professional field.



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