There are many things we hold onto in life that stop us from truly living it. Whether they’re emotions or habits, they’re all destructive. In order to be truly happy, we need to focus on the simple things that make us happy. By holding on to too much or concentrating on the wrong things, we’re stopping ourselves from appreciating the beauty in life.

Easier said than done you might say, but by tackling one thing at a time you can make a real difference in how you view life. It’ll feel like a massive weight has been lifted from your shoulders and you’ll wonder why you never did this before.

The following list comprises 10 things you need to let go of in order to experience true happiness. Read with an open mind and be honest with yourself. If you notice you’re doing these things, visualise your life without them and imagine how much simpler life would be if the emotions associated with each, vanished.

10 Things You Need To Let Go Of

1. Validation from Other People

This is one a lot of us are guilty of. Going out of our way to make other people happy or behaving in ways which we think will make other people like us more.

In all honesty though, why care what other people think? It is a powerful realisation to know that the only people worth having in our lives are the people that love and support us for who we truly are.

2. The Perfect Partner

Happiness doesn’t come down to another person and even though it is a beautiful thing to find your other half, they cannot fill the void of happiness completely. Your partner isn’t responsible for your happiness and putting that responsibility square on their shoulders, is putting the relationship under a lot of pressure from the onset.

That is down to you alone and it is important to note that a relationship will only be truly successful if both parties are happy in themselves.

3. Making Excuses

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter who you are saying them to, excuses are empty justifications as to why we didn’t perform or act as we should have.

Mistakes and failure are perfectly fine and they won’t put as much of a dampener on your spirits as constant excuses you make for not acting on opportunities. Start doing and it will make all the difference.

4. Resentment

Anger hurts no one more than yourself and it’s important to know this. It is a poisonous emotion that spreads throughout our bodies, overpowering every other emotion we could be feeling.

Long term anger develops into resentment and bitterness and will not affect the person you have these feelings towards. It will effect you however so take control and get your own back by learning to let go and live your life free from resentment.

5. The Perfect Body

You will find that the vast majority of your own body hang-ups, are not even noticed by other people.

We are each beautiful in our own ways and there will always be something about you that people admire. Learn to love your body and appreciate your health.

Find something you love about yourself and speak gratefully out loud about it. Add more things to your list and you will learn to appreciate your body rather than wish it were different.

When people are happy they usually have a lot of self-esteem. They’re confident in their abilities and their positive attitudes promote the resourcefulness that is needed to get through most situations. Identify your strengths and be proud of them. You’ll accomplish a lot more! These are the parts of you that you should be focussing on. Your beautiful qualities.

10 Things You Need To Let Go Of

6. Negative Emotions

Sure, bad things happen in the world but the key to being happy is to focus on the positive’s in life. If something is really bothering you then make a positive change.

Don’t surround yourself with negative people either – they will sap your energy. Again, practice all that you are grateful for and try to see the good in every situation.

7. Judging People

Judging people just makes you look like an ass. You will never fully know someones situation, nor do you know how you would react in that same situation.

It is always better to analyse situations with compassion and understanding rather than judgement. It will make you a much better person and also the type of person people want to be around.

8. Being Jealous

Another destructive emotion is jealousy. The best way to approach life is to give trust fully until it is broken. Sure, you end up getting burned sometimes but allowing jealousy and paranoia to become a regular feature of our lives is incredibly destructive.

You end up driving people out of your life and for the most part, the suspicions you will have will mostly be unfounded.

9. The Past

The past should only be remembered for the lessons it taught you. Living in the past and refusing to move on, stops you from being able to fully live in the present. It is only by living in the now can we truly be happy so you need to let go of things that happened. There was a reason for them and sometimes it takes the acceptance of what happened to finally see what those lessons are.

10. Being in Control

We are a people that try to keep as much under control as possible. However, all we are really in control of in our lives is our own actions.

Once you have learned that then the need for control in all areas of life disappears. It’s not possible and is a futile search that only stops you from being at your happiest.

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