Would you like to improve your brainstorming skills, be able to communicate your ideas more effectively and increase your memory recollection? If so this article is for you. Mind mapping is a technique that is increasingly being used to improve memory skills and significantly enhance note taking.

What is Mind Mapping?

Mind mapping is a different way of remembering information than the normal cognitive way. It is a simple technique of visualizing information in the form of graphs or diagram rather than writing in the form of sentences. The process of mind mapping involves the use of both our analytical side of the brain and our artistic side. Thereby making the learning process even more enjoyable.

Mind mapping can significantly help improve ones study techniques and help with storing information. The process involves creating a diagram, which generally takes the form of a tree. It will have a unique starting point, which will then divide up into many branches. Others will have a central idea surrounded by connected branches of associated topics. This visual representation of information can involve the use of colours and diagrams.

The idea behind mind mapping is to make the information and process as simple as possible.

How do you create a mind map?

Mind maps are very simple to create and once you begin using mind maps you will never go back to the plain cognitive, linear method of note taking. So let’s give it a go.

Every mind map will begin with a main concept or idea. Everything else on our map will revolve around this main idea. We then must create an image or word to represent our main idea. Following this we then draw branches that each represent a single word that relate to the main topic. I like to use colours at this point to differentiate between the branches and sub-topics. Other people like to use images. What ever helps you brainstorm more effectively.

Creating sub-branches that stem from the main branches will help us to further expand on ideas and concepts. These can also include colour and images.

mind mapping

What are the uses of the Mind Mapping technique?

The mind mapping technique can prove extremely helpful in solving problems in various parts of ourevery day life. It can be used to solve personal issues as well as professional ones. Some of the many uses of the mind mapping are briefly discussed below.

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Making notes

Mind maps are a great way to absorb information. They can prove extremely useful in any learning environment, especially where we are faced with mountains of new information and data. Where note taking feels endless and the mountains of facts and figure just keep piling up. Mind maps can help us sieve through the information and only take down the important material.

This is done by jotting down the most important words or facts rather than spending the entire lecture racing to get all the notes down, constantly feeling behind and struggling to catch up. By connecting these key points to ideas visually it can enhance our memory about any topic significantly and make the revision process simpler. It also means we can spend more time listening and taking in information rather than breaking our hand trying to get every word down on paper.

Recalling Information

When it comes to recalling information, the use of mind mapping can certainly make the process easier and less stressful. Say for example you have an exam that you have been studying for. You can simply take out the mind maps that you have created throughout the course and look back through the main topics, which will contain the most important points for exam. This certainly will diminish some of the stress that can be caused by fearing the sheer amount of notes to review and learn before an exam.

We can even test our memory by creating new mind maps of the exam topics and filling in the blanks. The technique of mind mapping is extremely effective in retrieving data from the brain in a simple form. It can help us review things in a quick and effective way.

Managing appointments

Mind mapping can be a very useful way to manage our everyday lives. With the numerous activities we are engaged in on a daily basis, it can be very easy to forget appointments and dinner plans. Mind mapping however, can be an easy way to keep all our information in one place. It can also maximize visibility of such appointments and events, making them easier to recall as we go about our day.

Improve creative work

mind mapping

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Mind mapping can be very useful when it comes to working in the creative field. If you are working on something creative, mind mapping can definitely help generate ideas and plan out what you would like to get done. It will help you organize creative ideas in a simpler form.

When required to write an article, creating a mind map can help make a plan, generate ideas quickly and forming a structure to the article. By forcing us to focus on the main idea or concept behind the article we begin to see how things and paragraphs fit together, thereby spending less time daydreaming!

Using mind mapping when making presentations can be very effective and alleviates the need to carry numerous sheets of notes as you present. By using only the keywords and images to stimulate your memory, it will demonstrates to your audience that you are confident and knowledgeable about your topic.

Enable you to solve problems

Mind mapping can be a very effective way to quickly define a problem or task. It can also be used for gathering ideas, devising criteria to evaluate the ideas, and discussing ways to implement the chosen idea. Mind mapping technique will help you to discuss the various issues with each other in a proper manner allowing for greater interaction and solution generation. It also highlights any connection between complex problems, which will greatly contribute to a solution.

The list of uses for mind mapping is endless. Anything from advertising to networking, from social media to client management can benefit from the use of mind maps. To make it even simpler there is a multitude of mind mapping software out there that will aid the process of developing mind maps for any topic. Making the entire process faster and simpler. Also, check out the following book for an awesome step-by-step on creating Mind Maps to simplify your life! Mind Mapping: How to Create Mind Maps Step-By-Step (Mind Map Templates, Speed Mind Maps, and Advanced Mind Mapping)

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