We’re always trying to expand our learning journey when it comes to developing our inner selves, so it’s always a real boost when we stumble across a Free Course. So much so that we want to let as many people know as possible while the offer is available.

Learn Mindfulness Meditation for a Calmer and Clearer mind‘ is an in-depth beginners guide created by Mr. Per Norrgren – Director of Training and founder of inMindSight. The course contains a whopping 90 Lectures and over 14 hours of video content so it’s really in depth and kept us busy for ages! The course is usually $99 but has been reduced to $0 for the moment. I’m not sure when this offer ends so make sure to hop on over and claim your copy before it goes back up, not that it’s not worth it because the content is really good!


What will you get from the course?

  • Over 90 lectures and 14 hours of content!
  • By the end of this programme you will have experienced and practiced all of the key mindfulness meditations. You will have learned how to
  • Develop your mental capacity, concentration, capability and focus.
  • Calm yourself in moments of anger, high stress and anxiety
  • Develop ongoing resilience to stress and anxiety
  • Deal calmly with stressful communications
  • Sleep better
  • Stop the mind from ruminating and get some inner peace
  • Allow your natural creativity to flourish
  • Develop a daily ritual of mindfulness meditation practice
  • Relax, to be you and enjoy being you
  • Move from “doing mindfulness” to “being mindful” and become more effortlessly effective everyday


This course is designed to make it easy to learn and to practice at the same time. Becoming mindful can be straightforward but most people find they need external guidance to practice effectively when they first start out. This programme provides everything you need to make your mindfulness journey as effortless as possible. It is structured as easy-to-follow audio tracks, each being ten minutes long. You have five audio tracks per week and I want you to listen to each track twice on the same day. Once in the morning and once in the afternoon/evening. You can of course listen more often if you would like.


So don’t miss out on getting your copy of this Course and improving your understanding of mindfulness meditation!


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