How To Have An Out of Body Experience

Astral projection, otherwise known as an out of body experience, that is achieved when one is either awake via meditation, or asleep via lucid dreaming. When your astral self leaves your body, you still remain attached by, as some describe, a silver cord. Some people see this cord during their projections, while others profess to simply feel it connecting them with their physical selves.

Some people find it easier to experience projection than others, reporting the events happening on an almost daily basis. As they progress, they delve deeper and deeper into their experiences and report incredible events. Some people find it more difficult, which is one of the main reasons people are coming together to share their experiences and guides in many places. One of which being Astral Forums, who have also created the following detailed infographic on how to have an out of body experience.

There are a variety of ways in which these experiences can be achieved, and some people find it easier with certain methods. The following infographic details lots of different methods and techniques and useful step-by-step guides so you’ll have the best chance of having your own out of body experience.

There are many reasons why people try to make these events happen. One is that you become the complete master of your reality, shaping the world around you and exploring an infinite number of possibilities. Others claim to meet others on the astral plane who are also practicing astral projection. Others still are simply curious as to whether this can actually happen to them.

Whatever the reason, if you really want to try astral projection but haven’t the foggiest as to where to start, the below infographic covers everything you need to know in excellent detail.


Source: Astral Forums

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