Most of us can muster up the energy to get motivated about something new and exciting. But, how many of us actually stay motivated? Staying motivated, not just through the new and exciting aspects of life, but the things we aren’t necessarily looking forward to, is the key to success.

Let me use an example here. You’re a runner. Each morning to the blast of your alarm, you swing your legs out of bed and straight into your running shoes. Groggily you make your way to the front door, you fumble at the lock and swing it open, only to be confronted by rain. Ugh!

Do you A) listen to the voice in your mind that laughs at let’s out a rather loud NOPE, turn around and scramble back under your duvet? Or, do you B) Ignore that voice and set out on your run, allowing the rain to wake you up and feeling the sense of accomplishment all the runners who picked option A, will not feel that morning.

Let’s be honest, we’d all like to say we’re option B, but when push comes to shove, we usually let that little voice win and turn straight around. Pushing through obstacles and remaining disciplined, are key factors of what it takes to be successful.

So, how can we ensure that we stay motivated at all times, rather than get motivated at the times it suits us best?

Stay Motivated – Set goals

stay motivated

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Goals, you need them! And, if you don’t have them yet, then now’s the time to start making them. They can be as small as you like. In fact, it’s always a good idea to have a mixture of large, medium, small & everything in between! Achieving small goals gives body and mind a great surge of accomplishment. This feeling is addictive! Setting goals we can complete at a fast and recurring rate, is an excellent way to stay motivated as you pursue the next.

There was, in fact, a reason I used the example of the runner before. Think about it for a second, as soon as the runner wakes, she/he is straight out the door and running to complete their first goal of the day. This is an awesome way to begin your day, and kickstarts your drive to burn through the rest!

Don’t neglect the longer term goals. These give you something bigger to strive towards, to train for, study for; whatever. The payoff that comes from staying motivated and committed to these goals is immense. You will feel a burst of pride in the knowledge that you achieved something great. Something not many others, or perhaps no one, has done.

“You will feel a burst of pride in the knowledge that you achieved something great. Something not many others, or perhaps no one else, has done.”

Stay Motivated – Find inspiration

Initially, finding inspiration is important in getting you on the track to staying motivated. Now, you can find inspiration from an infinite amount of sources. But never forget, that you yourself, are a huge, and often untapped, source of inspiration! That’s right, there’s no use being modest. Think about all the awesome things you have accomplished in your life. You’re setting goals and smashing through them! No one else could have done it the way you did it. No one else has lived your story, so make sure you write an incredible one!

For external sources, many of us have role models we look up to. Books & Quotes we refer to for words of wisdom and lines of inspiration. Everyone finds inspiration from different places. Perhaps you find yours in your children, or partner? In your friends or family? It really is easy to find, and as you have your own story, others have theirs. Most of us find inspiration from people who have faced adversity and broken through it with grace and style. Keep these stories in mind, right them down, stick them up; whatever you feel like. So long as you can tap into that inspiration and use it as your continual source of motivation.

Stay Motivated – Find Your Reason

Why are you doing what you are doing? What is your purpose? Yes, we have identified that we need to have goals, but we need to have the reasons why we are making them, and to make sure those reasons are the right ones.

For example, there are people who set a goal of being successful. Their reason? Money. That’s it, they want tonnes of the stuff. Now i’m not saying money is a bad thing, everyone needs it. What I am saying is, this should Never! be the sole reason you want to do something. People who’s sole purpose is the pursuit of monetary wealth will never be truly happy. Do you want to know why? Because the pursuit of wealth is just that, a pursuit. No amount will ever be enough and the more important factors in life are ignored, or forgotten completely.

So, you need a more purposeful reason. One that resonates within you. Often times I hear people speak of how they are doing stay motivatedwhat they are doing for someone they love. To become successful so they can repay the parents that worked themselves to the bone for their children’s opportunities in life. They want to repay them by looking after them, making sure they don’t have to work another day, and to give the rest of their lives, the best of their lives.

Make sure this reason is based around something you love. There is no point doing something day after day, hour after hour, if you hate it. You have to love what you do, otherwise you will never be successful from it. Combining passion with motivation is a deadly combination, and you will reach incredible feats by combining the two.

The reason, is so important. If you make a decision to do something, but your mind and body aren’t completely behind it, then you are doomed to fail. Instead making a decision, with your heart and soul behind the reason, is a true declaration of intent. You hear yourself make this commitment, and the ability to stay motivated becomes a million times more achievable.

Stay Motivated – Celebrate Every Success!

Modesty is great. Everyone likes a bit of humility. But when you achieve a goal, ignore that and make sure you celebrate the crap out of it! That’s right, there is no shame in being proud of something you have accomplished. By acknowledging each and every accomplishment, you are training yourself to recognise the greatness in sticking with something and finishing it.

It doesn’t have to be a major event! Congratulate yourself. Recognise the great job you did. Treat yourself. Anything, so long as you are taking the time to acknowledge that you have finished something that you set out to do, and that’s amazing!

It sounds so simple, but it is a skill that some many people lack. Sure, people are great at starting things, but how many people in your life do you know, have the commitment to stick with something to the end? I bet the answer is not that many. Learning this skill, is the only way to truly be successful. You don’t get successful by luck. There is no quick scheme or shortcut you can take. The fact of the matter is, that if you truly want a successful life, the only way to do this, is to stay motivated through the long hours, practice and effort you will put in, to building something incredible.

If it sounds hard, that’s because it is. But as the saying goes “nothing worth having, ever comes easy” and trust me, it’s worth having. So just remember, putting in the work makes the reward all the sweeter at the end!

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