How to Create the Ultimate Smoothies

Smoothies can be awesome sources of vitamins and minerals when they’re packed full of good stuff. However, many people counteract the goodness by adding an ingredient that might boost the sugar or calorie content. Knowing how to make a great smoothie takes practice and making sure you’re adding the correct amount of everything.

The following infographic by American Express details how to build the perfect smoothy by making sure you have the right balance of greens, fruit, fats and protein. It’s a useful guide if you’re not getting the consistency of your smoothie right or are worried that you have too much of something in there.

This infographic by the Daily Burn is an amazing source of easy and quick 3-ingredient smoothies. These are perfect for when you’re worried about keeping loads of different smoothie ingredients handy to make up you morning or post workout shakes. They’re broken down into categories and they’re all delicious!


Source: Daily Burn


What are your recommendations for making the perfect smoothie and what are your go to recipes? Be sure to let us know in the comments.


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