Feng shui has not only been used  to achieve harmony and balance in the home, it is also used to achieve success in business. Feng shui and business fit together perfectly and it is practiced the world over, especially in the orient. In the West, more and more buinsess’ are identifying the opportunity and implementing business feng shui to increase wealth, success & prosperity. Some businesses have already tried applying the practice in trying to ensure success.

Here are some useful business feng shui tips that you can start implementing straight away

Business Feng Shui in Retail

If you’re a store owner, how you design your interior and arrange your products affects how Chi flows within the business. The first thing to concentrate on however, is your shops front. Does your name and sign stand out? Are you using lighting? Could it do with a bit of a clean? Making sure you do all of the afore attracts Chi to flow into your store. A strong flow of energy is created by a strong presence. Even from a business point of you, having an attractive store front attracts the attention of passers by and entices them into the store. So, make sure you have a good, clear sign thats well lit and eye catching.

After making the outside of your store stand out, you now have to examine your interior. Walk into your store as if you were a customer, what do you notice? How do you feel? Are you drawn to looking either left or right? The location that you are drawn to is considered to be the direction of chi within your store or where your Chi is at it’s most strongest. Once you’ve identified this, you need to encourage the Chi to spread more evenly around the store.

The first way to achieve this is to construct energy pathways. Are your aisles positioned so they’re are cutting off or cutting across your Chi? Position them so chi runs along the, not against them. Make sure products are faced off, stocked fully and are dusted regularly. You do not need to overly stuck, but make sure you don’t have noticeable gaps amongst merchandise. Make sure the lighting is not over bearing, but not too dark a customer won’t see where they are going.

Creating these positive pathways will guide customers around your store and allow them to look at more of your products.


Business Feng Shui for the Office

If you own a office, the layout you choose can affect the success of you business. This includes the placement of desks, board tables, chairs etc. It provides good business Feng Shui to sit at your desk with a solid wall at your back. It is bad business feng shui to sit with your back towards a window for long periods of time. Also do not sit facing a wall. Taking these tips into account should allow you to position all desks in the office to promote positive business Feng shui.

Light and air flow greatly affects the flow of chi within an office environment so you need to make sure you are getting the levels right. Ensure air has a means of entering your office by regularly opening windows and airing the space. Try to let as much natural light as possible into your office in order to create an area where good chi might flow constantly. Too much fluorescent lighting is not only bad for health, it creates negative Feng shui leading to decreased productivity.

Most offices today exists in a sea of polluted environments and this is a factor when airing the office. It’s not the healthiest if there are high levels of pollution! Instead consider air purifiers for a constant stream of clean air. Also Plants are excellent air purifiers and very important in Feng Shui. Place them in your office for increased Chi and also for their aesthetic qualities. Other Feng Shui items such as as essential oils, crystals and water fountains can also be used to raise the energy levels in the office.

If you’re a business owner, try to implement these business feng shui tips in order to achieve positive chi within the environment. Getting the balance right allows employees to work at a more productive level, with a better mindset, in a happier environment, and for the business to achieve heightened levels of success.



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