How Mindfulness is Essential for Good Mental Health

Mental health encompasses our wellbeing, confidence and self-esteem. Our ability to achieve our true potential, use our skills and abilities in the most productive way, along with our ability to cope with the stresses of everyday life. It is essentially how we view others and ourselves.

The majority of people at some point in their life will find themselves in situations, where they experience an inability to sleep, mood swings or impairment in concentration. These temporary problems usually don’t impact significantly on our mental health however, it may limit our true potential.

Your mind, which is extremely powerful and capable of achieving what many would deem impossible, is consumed with a multitude of thoughts at any given point in time. If we have a problem in our mind we may be damaging our over all potential, and even worse, if we are unaware that that problem exists.

If we are not aware of a problem we cannot fix the problem. This is why mindfulness is crucial to our mental health and achieving our overall true potential.

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a state of consciousness or complete awareness. It is within this state that we become engulfed in the process of deep breathing whilst witnessing the sensations experienced at various points throughout the body. It is within this state that we become aware we are having thoughts, hearing sounds but remain ultimately focused on our breathing and our body.

Even right now as you are reading this article, your mind is probably telling you all the things you need to do or should be doing. As this continues over the course of the day you may start to feel the anxiety build. By being mindful you can help ease this anxiety.

How Mindfulness is Essential for Good Mental Health

You may end any feelings of worry that you can feel increasing as you go about your day. All you have to do is stop and watch your mind. By watching your mind you may find the thought, which is contributing to anxiety and worry.

By listening to the conversations that are taken place just below your consciousness you can gain control of your mind. If an argument is playing and replaying subconsciously in your mind and stressing you out, often just bringing it to consciousness will make you laugh and dismiss it. By identify the thoughts that are arising we can make a list. By making a list we are removing them from our mind and we can further take action on issues that we can control.

Why is mindfulness useful?

Mindfulness is a useful way to see problems more clearly. This allows us to take more appropriate action and responses. By being mindful we get a clearer image of what the problem actually is. We can become more aware of what is in our control and what is not. We free our mind, allowing us to be more productive and make better decisions. Improving focus and concentration.

As you get better at tuning into your own subconscious mind, you will start to see patterns. You will identify areas in your life to contribute to higher stress levels. You can then become proactive in avoiding and eliminating to these stressful areas or take appropriate action to deal with stress with you encounter it. Mindfulness further benefits our mental health by highlighting any destructive patterns that we may have. The constant reviewing of the possible choices that we didn’t take can be a destructive habit causing endless stress. By identifying this, it enables us to change.

Clearly, mindfulness can significantly improve and aid our overall mental health. By being happy and aware in the now we are setting ourselves up for a promising and bright future. The simplicity of being mindful at any given time can be mastered by anyone. The most basic mindfulness exercise is to just sit quietly and focus on your breathing. As your breath, bring your attention to everything going on in your body and mind. Whilst a simple technique, for the novice, it can take awhile to master, but once obtained it’s a priceless skill well worth maintaining.

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