The understanding of Chakras and the importance they play in our overall health is growing at an ever increasing rate. People are beginning to understand the importance meditation plays in achieving emotional and spiritual balance.

With meditation, a person enters a deeper state of relaxation that allows them to control emotions and not react to situations as heatedly as they may have done before. Meditation allows us time for deep reflection and really does allow us to put the struggles of everyday life into perspective.

Chakra Meditation is one method gaining popularity quickly. The 7 main chakras play a huge importance in our energy levels and well being and, as with anything, they need regular attention to ensure they stay in correct alignment.

Try to take 30 minutes a day to undertake a Chakra meditation and cleansing. This takes the deep breathing of traditional meditation, and combines it with visualisation and sometimes mantra.

We will look at the correct method to undertaking a Chakra Meditation below, but first you need to know about each of the 7 chakras, what they represent, and problems associated with them when misaligned.

This Guide to Chakras and Cleansing will first identify the 7 Main Chakras and their attributes, before looking at Chakra meditation and cleansing.

A Guide to Chakras and Cleansing

1st Chakra: Root (Muladhara)

The root chakra is our grounding force. Problems occur when we are confused or distracted. Some chakra excerises to try here are marching, squats, and stomping your feet.

Location: Base of spine
Sense: Smell
Element: Earth
Stones: Black onyx, hematite, carnelian, garnet
Color: Red or black
Sound: Do
Musical Note: C
Functions: Life force, Instincts, survival

Represents: Emotional grounding and ones roots. The excretory and reproductive systems and the immune system.
Mantra: I am in touch with the earth & my roots.

2nd Chakra: Sacral (Svadisthana)

The sacral chakra problems can be a lack of creativity or sexual dysfunction. The chakra exercises recommended are pelvic thrusts and circular movements.

Location: Underneath the ribcage
Sense: Taste
Element: Water
Stones: Orange agate, Red jasper
Color: Orange
Sound: Re
Musical note: D
Functions: Procreation, sexuality

Represents: Sexuality, creativity, financial issues, honour and ethics, one to one relationships. Genital and urinary systems, bladder and prostate.
Mantra: I am a creative, sexual being.

3rd Chakra: Solar Plexus (Manipura)

The solar plexus chakra, if unaligned, can make you feel overwhelmed, ultra-sensitive, and scared of life. This chakra is the root of our own personal self-esteem issues. The chakra exercises used to treat this are hoola hooping, dancing the twist, and doing some belly dancing.

Location: Middle abdomen area
Sense: Sight
Element: Fire
Stones: Tiger’s eye. Citrine, yellow stones
Color: Yellow
Sound: Mi
Musical Note: E
Functions: Metabolizing food, emotions, and sympathetic nervous system

Represents: Self-esteem, self-confidence and how you see yourself. Digestive system, worries and fears, the stress of responsibility.
Mantra: I believe in myself

4th chakra: Heart (Anahata)

The heart chakra problems include Lack of confidence in yourself or others, depression, and some trust issues. The chakra exercises suggested here are swimming and hugging yourself.

Location: Center of the chest
Sense: Touch
Element: Air
Stones: Jade, Rose quartz
Color: Green or pink
Sound: Fa
Musical note: F
Functions: Circulating the life blood for energy

Represents: Love, forgiveness, unconditional love. Relationships. Circulatory and immune systems. Heart and lungs. Loneliness.
Mantra: I can give and receive love.

5th Chakra: Throat (Vishudda)

The throat chakra can cause problems when we don’t speak the truths that we need to sometimes. Dishonesty and biting your tongue or holding back with what you want to say can cause this chakra to spin out of balance. The chakra exercises recommended are screaming and gargling salt water.

Location: Throat area of neck
Sense: Hearing
Element: Ether
Stones: Lapis lazuli, turquoise
Color: Sky blue
Sound: Sol
Musical note: G
Functions: Communication

Represents: Communication, self-expression and will power. Thyroid problems, sore throats, addictions (due to lack of will)
Mantra: I speak my truth.

6th Chakra: Brow (Ajna)

Problems with the brow chakra include paranoia, false realities, and poor judgment. Chakra exercises to realign this chakra include Lucid dreaming and visualization.

Location: Between the eyes
Sense: All the senses including psychic ability
Element: Light
Stones: Amethyst, Moonstone
Color: Purple
Sound: La
Musical Note: A
Functions: Vision, Imagination, Concentration

Represents: Intuition, intellect and mind, inner vision. Brain and nervous system, eye problems.
Mantra: I see clearly.

7th Chakra: Crown (Shasrara)

If you feel you are stuck in the past or you are feeling disconnected from other people, then your crown chakra is probably out of alignment. Chakra exercises to remedy the problem are meditation and deep introspection.

Location: Top of head at the crown
Sense: All senses including consciousness
Element: Will
Stones: Moonstone, clear quartz, amethyst
Sound: Ti
Musical Note: B
Functions: Upper brain functions

Represents: Spiritual awakening, search for meaning. Our relationship to our spirit and God. Central nervous system, overwhelming fatigue.
Mantra: I believe.

Chakra Meditation & Cleansing

A Chakra meditation is designed to stimulate energy flow in the Chakras by using simple visualisation. Each chakra has a colour of the spectrum linked to it which you can see above. Focus on that color and imagine it pouring into the chakra and saturating it in pure light & energy.

Then visualise the chakra as a spinning disc of colour.

Establish a rhythm of deep breathing as you concentrate on each disc of colour. You can also repeat the mantra or affirmation associated with the chakra to intensify the positive energy you are creating. Work through each chakra in turn, from Root to Crown, to rebalance your chakras and energy levels. You should be able to do this in 20-30 minutes.

There are many powerful tools that can affect the vibration and balancing of the chakras. Chakra stones, the human voice, music, chants, mantras and chakra meditation bring the frequency of the chakras back into proper vibrational alignment. For example, the root chakra is greatly affected by the hematite, onyx, ruby or garnet gemstones.

During chakra healing a practitioner may use one or all of these chakra stones to cleanse your root chakra and bring it into harmony.

Try to get a Chakra meditation at least every second day, if not every day. You will notice an incredible difference in your overall health and well being as you bring your inner energy into perfect alignment.

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