Fitness affirmations can be a real boost when we’re trying to achieve our health goals. This is because it’s not unusual to pick up bad habits when it comes to getting fit and healthy. Many of us will try diets that starve our body of essential nutrients and cause us to put on even more weight after we are finished with them.

Becoming healthy really comes down to making simple choices. Doing more exercise and eating whole and nutritious foods. It is important to feel happy with our bodies during the process and recognise the small achievements we make as we make them.

However, it’s not just adopting these healthier choices, we need to make them our new lifestyle. In other words, we need to commit. One of the ways you can do this is by reciting fitness affirmations to yourself everyday.

Affirmations allow you to not only visualise your goals, but to speak your intention of achieving them. Think about the manner in which you say things, are you usually confident in your statements?

Most people who are trying to become fit might state, “I’d love to be fit.” or “One day i’ll get fit when I have the time.”

These are not concrete statements and you’re hearing the doubt you have from the onset. Affirmations allow you to verbalise goals in a confident manner and then recite them so you start to act on those statements. It is a simple positive thinking method that is used for a wide variety of reasons, and it’s very powerful.

It works best if you identify your own goals and create affirmations from them. However, to help get you thinking in the right way, here are 29 fitness affirmations you can use to help you in achieving your health goals.

“I am perfect, whole, and complete just the way I am.”


“I replaced dieting with healthy eating.”


“I successfully release the desire to eat foods that are bad for me.”


“I easily replace foods that are bad for me with natural foods.”


“I choose to change my eating habits.”


“A fit, healthy person lives within me.”


“Day by day, I am transforming my body to reach my ideal weight.”


“I am strong, I am healthy, I am beautiful.”


“I am in charge of my health.”


“I am fit, healthy and attractive.”


“I possess everything I need to make positive changes in my life.”


“My body is full with health, wellness and vitality.”


“I control my eating habits. I choose to eat healthy, nutritious foods.”


“Today I am shedding the pounds.”


“Today and every day, I am grateful for my good health.”


“Eating healthy and exercising comes naturally to me.”


“Everyday that I exercise, I move closer to achieving my ideal weight.”


“I am strong and Healthy!”


“I am healthy in mind, body and spirit.”


“I feel good when I exercise.”


“I choose to focus on the new me I am creating.”


I Choose health and wellness.”


“Today I choose to make my life healthy.”


“Step by step I am creating my ideal body.”


“My daily workouts make me feel more energetic and full of joy.”


“Every day I am becoming fitter and healthier.”


“Every day my body is becoming more and more muscular.”


“With every sit up my abs are getting sharper and sharper.”


“My stamina increases with every step that I take.”



If you prefer, here’s a useful video full of fitness affirmations that you can put on whilst working out!

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