Gain Knowledge about Feng Shui Numbers to bring happiness in your life

Feng Shui analyses all things to bring your life into balance. A part of this is analysis of numbers and identifying what is unique to you. Numbers are used in many ways in Feng Shui. You will no doubt come across the Kua Number, which is a specific number to you based on your gender and date of birth. Your Kua number determines many things in regards to feng shui. We have a separate article dedicated to Kua numbers, how to calculate yours, and what these numbers represent. Click here to find your Kua number.

In this article, we will look at what numbers mean in general in veg shui. Numbers work in single digits, so if you have double digits, simply add the two to find the single number. According to the belief of Chinese people, these numbers help to bring luck into the life of a person, whether this be good or bad.


What are the benefits of learning Feng Shui numbers?

There are numerous benefits of knowing these numbers, and incorporating them into your routine. Here are just a few benefits:

  • According to custom, by gaining an in-depth knowledge about these numbers, you will be able to minimize the occurrence of misfortunes and unavoidable accidents in your life.
  • Using these numbers effectively, you can bring financial gains into your life, as well as being more open to receiving good opportunities and promotions in your professional life. They are used to increase health and wellbeing, achieve spiritual growth, and even bring love into your life.
  • By using these numbers in your life, you can heighten the mindfulness you experience everyday. A heightened sense of mindfulness allows us to focus in the present moment. It helps reduce anxiety and material worries. Living in the moment has many benefits in itself and utilising the right Feng Shui numbers enhances this.


What are the energies and meanings of the numbers?

Below are examples of Chinese Numerology. As previously stated, each number represents different things. By knowing what each number represents, you can make conscious decisions as to the layout of a room, how many objects are placed etc. in order to achieve a goal. For example, if you were to enhance your chances at success in your business life. You would consider hanging 8 small picture frames on a wall. This is because, in Feng Shui numbers, the number 8 represents business success and abundance.

Whatever your aim, use the charts below to understand more about these numbers. Identify what you are trying to achieve and pick the number that most closely aligns with that goal. You can then incorporate that number in Feng Shui designs in the home or office.


0- Potential, void, nothingness

1- Unobstructed energy flow, new beginnings

2- Cooperation, choice, balance

3- Self-expression, family, creativity

4- Security, stability, grounding

5- Adventure, resourcefulness, change

6- Calm, Patience

7- Solitude, contemplation, self-evaluation

8- Business success, infinity, abundance

9- Attainment, highest number, accomplishment


The energy of each of the Feng Shui Numbers is interpreted by its pronunciation in Chinese. Try to use these numbers in order to influence the energy inside your house and thereby achieve the goals you have set for yourself.



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